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Best Books on Buddhism

A belief established by Siddhartha Gautama around 2,500 years back is Buddhism, and considered as one the largest religion in the world. The faith and trust in the ideologies of Buddha has made it so wide spread all around the globe. The religion has been founded through the teachings and preaching of the spiritual leader, Buddha.

Lord Buddha was born as a prince, but after getting revelation, decided to leave all the worldly pleasures and accepted a simple living following certain principles. He received a peculiar kind of living, which existed in between the life of sumptuousness and extreme poverty, and reached his enlightenment after seeking for more than 6 years, under a Bhodhi tree. His teachings are intended to reduce the sufferings of those in pain. The Basic Teachings included; Three Universal Truths, Four Noble Truths, and Noble Eightfold Paths. He also emphasized on importance of meditation, spirituality, hard working mentality, and better behavior in order to attain spiritual wisdom or ‘Nirvana’.

All the preaching and beliefs are briefed in the core principles, which if followed can lead to a peaceful and self-less life. The importance given to the worldly pleasures by every human being is considered to be unwanted, and the religion suggests all to try to acquire enough and more knowledge, instead of running behind attaining more than enough wealth. The followers usually seem to be living a simple life, with empathy towards fellow beings. They always practice a clear mind which is free from hatred and greed. Lord Buddha is not considered as God, but only as a teacher.

There a lot of books pertaining to Buddhism available online;

1. The Heart of The Buddha’s Teaching

The book authored by Thich Hanh is published so soothingly like verses, describing about the difficulties and how it can lead to creating values of comforting wisdom to become concerned, loving and happy.  The main principles in the teachings of Buddha are included in the book, and he has simplified the understandings and insisted on its user-friendliness in everyone’s daily life. He has also included all the important principles; like that of the Eightfold paths, Nobles Truths and so forth, trying to be a glowing inspiration to those who are already followers as well to those who are not in the very same amplitude.

2. Buddhism for Beginners

The author Judith Yandell has given a book for beginners, as they will surely help to understand the history, Lord Buddha’s life teachings, his principles and its use in our lives. We always long to be peaceful and happy at all times in our life time, which would not be possible at times. But the book gives us inspiration to take up the principles, to bring happiness and realize the need of inner harmony in our life, and not to accept as a religion. The principles are aimed at improving the spiritual growth making us to comprehend the certainty of truth.

The religion is gaining popularity in the present era, as practicing it are showing off better and improved living. It is found to relieve the stress and anxiety that we go through. There are several techniques of meditation to help relax the mind and body, and the knowledge about the truth of Karma put in plain words, which is requirement for a brighter and clearer outlook in life.   

3. The Essence of Buddha

The author, Ryuho Okawa is a well-regarded spiritual leader from Japan presents a modern explanation to enlightenment in an easily understandable pattern. The traditional teachings of Lord Buddha along with his Eightfold paths, Six Paramitas, and Laws of Causality are elucidated through a modern approach for self-realization, importance of Karma, the certainty of re-embodiment, and additional wisdom of Buddha. The book follows a path of enlightenment and development of realization, giving less importance to material world, but augmented consciousness to attain real spirituality. The book acts as a handbook for those who have started to accept this as a belief for improving wellness and growth of the self.

4. Everyday Buddhism

Wendy Haylett, is expressing the principles and philosophy of the religion Buddhism as more in depth way of changing oneself without being misled. The book takes a conversational pattern with a buddy taking the help of real life incidents and stories to explain the ways to overcome the daily dares in today’s tension-filled and unsure world. The author has accepted a tender channel to take the learners to a deeper level of the teachings of Buddha and making them practice the Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Paths through attributes such as; Awareness, Acceptance, Appreciation, and Action. He persuades to shake off from the problems hovering in our mind, and to stop the mind blabbering to keep the person calm. All we need to practice, according to Wendy is to keep our eyes, mind and heart open to the creation in front of us, to make out what is really happening around. 

5. The Path of Individual Liberation

The master piece of the author, Chogyam Trungpa, based on the teaching basics of Lord Buddha, with a special emphasis on Buddhism in Tibet.  The way of the Tibetan Buddhism follows the essence of Hinayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana. The teachings of Hinayana are imposing the ways of Buddhism highlight the nature of mind, need for meditation, the actual cause of worries, and the chances of release. The values help to keep away from the sense of self- importance and ultimately attaining higher levels of discipline. The book creates the importance of a teacher in everybody’s life to show the correct path and to survive from the sufferings.

6. Buddhism Plain and Simple

Steve Hagen who is a priest practicing Zen and an experienced teacher has presented the soul and everything of the spirit of Buddhism trimmed down in a very simplified version, so that any common man can understand. The book had been a best seller with millions of readers, and has led to many a lot to start knowing and some to get started to practicing the principles of Buddhism. It is aimed at creating a consciousness of the real self and surrounding, by freeing the mind to wander and to live in the present.

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7. Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With The Heart Of A Buddha 

The author Tara Brach is trying to get out the feeling of unnecessary and persistent suffering that always remain ignited inside most of us. This imbalance can impair the ability of a person to judge or decide on any matter pertaining to his life. This creates issues in life, making the person feel lonely, and useless. All these are happenings that occur unknowingly facing our daily routine. The book offers a calm and resolving approach to these worries in a clear and smooth way. The writings advances through stories and real case studies, guided mediation exercises, along with the improvised explanation of stories of Buddha. She makes us believe in our inner kindness and to live with empathy and compassion, and living with ultimate harmony and peace with the fellow humans.   

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8. Buddhism: Beginner’s Guide On The Journey To Enlightenment By Seeking Inner Peace Using The Art Of Meditation

Isaiah Seber, proclaims that practicing Buddhism helps to discover the inner peace. The book leads the reader through the most important features of the instructive and illuminated philosophy which includes the percepts, noble truths, noble paths, foundation of mindfulness, and meditation techniques. The way of depiction in the book, includes the history of Buddha, how he was born, and the recognition of self about the materialistic world, and the need to understand poverty and how to lead a simple living. The book mainly aims at helping to find internal serenity.

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9. Why Buddhism is True

Robert Wright, the author of New York Times bestseller, has delivered a significant expedition all the way through the psychology, philosophy and meditation, to project out what Buddhism can bring about to make everybody’s life clear and contended. Our mind is the tool that decides whether to keep a man happy or anxious, so a distorted mind, always leads to mental illness, irritation, gloominess and gluttony. As the part played by meditation in Buddhism serves as a strong need to practice it, to live peacefully. The book explains the neuro scientific basis behind the practices prescribed in Buddhism. It is a real science that leads us to reality, and helps us out from a fantasy world.

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10. The Everything Buddhism Book

Arnie Kozak’s book on Buddhism has received wide acceptance, and it follows a Tibetan line of approach giving stress on all branches of Buddhism. To maintain kindness as a character is rather a very difficult quality to get acquired. The understanding of the religion and its beliefs are not easy for a commoner who is leading a worldly life. The book leads to the exploring of the insightful principles of self-awareness, mindfulness and peacefulness.

The book also goes in depth regarding; the life of Buddha, his teachings various revolts occurred based on the issue of faith, artistic and poetics advancements during the period, the complete effect of meditation, and the influence of the religion spreading throughout the world.

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