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Best Books on Astral Projection

There always remains a story or a part of a story that goes un-experienced, unheard, untouched because of the blockage or resistance we create while evolving. But wouldn’t that be interesting if we get to tune ourselves with the rhythm of our psychic abilities and push ourselves to solve the mysteries of this Universe? Astral Projection is an intentional out-of-body experience in which the subtle body travels outside the physical body at the whim of the individual. It has often been linked with dreams and different cycles of meditation.

There are numerous views regarding astral projections, and many research and studies have been conducted to understand the same. But there is no scientific proof to the said phenomenon of consciousness, which is separated from its normal neural activity or, in simple words, consciously leave the body and make certain observations and hence it is also termed as Pseudoscience! This practice or idea has existed since ancient times. With inventions, discoveries the meaning or the use would have evolved, but the ideal attribute remains the same. 

We are capable of stretching the limits and boundaries we have built around our mental processes, and once these walls are broken down, then only we can see what lies beyond the image drawn by our eyes that we tend to call reality. Because as we know, there’s always more to the story! So, we have made a beautiful collection of ten books on Astral Projection which surely deserve to be on your desk. Pick one, and you are going to call it your best investment.

1. Astral Projection: A Guide on how to Travel the Astral Plane and have an Out-of-Body Experience by Mari Silva

Astral Projection

We are often bombarded with questions in our minds which want to seek something beyond. The exploration of the Universe, preparing body and mind for non-physical dimensions, controlling your dreams and understanding the pattern of your dreams, breaking down the shackles of the material world and ready to experience higher levels of enlightenment and spirituality and thought which we frequently think of, all can be answered and understood if we place hands on this book. It has it all. This book is indeed a roadmap for beginners who have just developed an idea of stepping into this world of unfolding mysteries.

2. Mastering Astral Projection- 90 Day Guide to Out-of-Body Experience by Robert Bruce

Mastering Astral Projection

Robert Bruce has very optimally used his knowledge and awareness of astral projections and has made it possible for the readers to understand them. It is extensively rich with information which is extremely worth it. The author has made it very clear how the three elements, i.e., Our mind, body, and spirit have to be aligned in a proper balance, so we analyze the nature of our existence and experience the details of how everything we experience, everything that we come across has a purpose in creating the processes in mind, for example, the dreams we have, and we have the power to control our dreams.

3. Beyond Dreaming by Gene Hart

Beyond Dreaming by Gene Hart

Gene Hart is a professional teacher, and the ingredients in the book are entirely based upon his life experiences or what he has actually learned in his life, which ultimately brought him immense peace and a path towards spirituality. The basic input which Hart has put in the book is the objective of Astral projections, lucid dreaming. Researchers, scientists can be seen detecting a phenomenon, but what lacks is the purpose and reason for these phenomena and how they shape our beliefs. This book is an overall package of answers which we normally encounter on day to day basis and ask ourselves. And what’s even more appealing is the author’s experience of meditative practices for more than a decade, which resulted in his clarity towards the high awakening. This book is not just a read. It’s an experience, so grab it.

4. Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming by Mari Silva

Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming by Mari Silva

This book underlines the Astral Projection Techniques which have been used by Experts, it is a practical guide that will make the readers go on the ground and see for themselves, and it’s just amazing. The book will make us see the phases of our dreams, what stimulates them, what makes them, what they interpret, and how they create our actions. If you are looking for something which can put you into action and help you find your goal, and give you clarity towards life, then this book is a must!

5. Astral Projection for Beginners: Explore unknown Worlds, Free your Physical and Mental Limits by Jan Light

Astral Projection for Beginners

This book has the entire recipe of elevating the soul, having control over emotions and energies in a way that is profitable to ourselves as well as the people around us, especially those who are close to us. The encouragement and empowerment which our thoughts receive because of putting down all the strategies of Astral Projections positively in our lives are what this book is all about; it offers a healthy reading which results in a self-confident personality because it helps you filter thoughts that are required and which are not, you simply remove them. Books are everywhere, but good books are rare. I think this book fits in the category!

6. Projection of the Astral Body by Sylvan J. Muldoon

Projection of the Astral Body

The author has himself claimed to have his first Out-of-Body Experience when he was just 12 years old, which makes this book even more catchy as well as intriguing. And this book is a detailed and very comprehensive study on the field of Astral Projection. This book has ample information on the subject. It offers you a very straight and very simple introduction to this field. For those who are beginners and are very much enthusiastic about exploring the horizon of their creativity, this book is the best recommendation.

7. Astral Projections for Beginners: Six Techniques for Traveling to other Realm by Edain McCoy

Astral Projection for Beginners

As the name says, this book is very much apt for all those who are beginners and have just stepped in. this book will take you on a different journey of varying times, different periods to explore the unexplored. Six elaborated techniques are going to be effective in every manner possible. A very beautiful aspect of the book is that it offers you healing and strength for choosing well-being and healing others. Because it’s a belief that we are all parts of this big Universe and we all are following the same pattern of existence throughout our lives.

8. Astral Projection for Psychic Empowerment: Practical Application of the Out-of-Body Experience by Carl Llewellyn Weschake

Astral Projection for Psychic Empowerment

Spirituality has made its roots deep into our lives, and this is done on a level that has definitely no end. Science is making it easy and feasible to understand concepts and ideas which initially were just talked about by a few. As we move ahead with our lives, there’s one very important understanding that we have developed, which is the endless possibility of this creative Universe. This book has the potential to make us see what basic changes in our lives in our way of thinking can actually move mountains. Living every second of your life like you own it as you mean it and mindfully achieving every target or even the tiniest of goals in your life is what this book will bring you in abundance, so this book is again a must.

9. The Llewellyn Practical Guide to Actual Projection; The Out of Body Experience by Melita Denning& Osborne Phillips

The Llewellyn Practical Guide to Astral Projection

The very interesting thing about the book is, it makes us see the skills of Astral Projection as very natural and achievable. All we are supposed to do is pay attention. The illustrations, the language. The words and the way in which the book has been written are just commendable. The authors have mentioned examples for the readers to analyze and figure out for themselves and accept what suits their belief structure and shun out what doesn’t. Also, the book tells about how simple the process of Astral  Projection is; we can experience it by just practicing.

10. Lightworker’s Guide to the Astral Realm by SahvannaArienta

Lightworker's Guide to the Astral Realm

The author is a psychic advisor and spiritual counselor. The book has very rich content on how the manifestation works. If you seek Self-awareness and the key to knowing what and how the Universe work in the cycle of manifestation and how the Universe within us determine the conditions of the Universe outside. Every action that we do is based on beliefs and certain thoughts attached to it. We work in a direction that leads us to the manifestation we make on our day to day basis. And how these manifestations, visualization are the driving force to determine our actions. This book offers a vision to the readers of a very strong connection to this Universe.

Belsebuub says, “Dreams are an insight into our psychology: they are what we are, but stripped of the conventions and norms of psychology, and the rules of the physical world.” So, take a step towards this side of the Universe, which has the spark to shine our souls and touch the Hidden parts of this Wide Universe of which we are apart.

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