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Best Books on Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome means a state-centred on the city of Rome, and it must be considered one of the most important imperial powers in history. No doubt, in centuries, Rome grew from a small town on the Tiber River in central Italy into a vast empire that ultimately embraced England.

Existence of Ancient Rome

It is also true that roman society was governed by a strong military ethos. On the other hand, allies and subjects who adopted the Roman language were always awarded Roman citizenship. The Roman state originates from an elective monarchy to a democratic classical republic and then simply to dictatorship.

Top Books Related to Ancient Rome

Roman Empire became one of the largest empires in the ancient world and ruled from the city with nearly 50 to 90 million inhabitants. Ancient Rome also contributed to many modern languages, religions, society, and engineering.  In this article, we are going to discuss the best books on ancient Rome.

Let’s have a look at these books available on amazon one by one.

1. The Storm Before The Storm: the Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic – Latest Review

This book on ancient Rome is written by Mike Duncan and published by Hachette audio. The storm before the storm ranks at number 3 in ancient and classical roman history. Chronicling the years, this book is a rollicking deep-dive into blood battles, Political machination, and human drama that brings a new defined and dangerous political environment. It is also a warning for modern listeners about what happens to a civilization driven by increasing inequality. Political polarization and ruthless ambition.

You can easily get The storm before the storm just for $9.99 from Amazon.

The Storm Before the Storm

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2. Ancient Rome on 5 Denarii a Day – Book Review

This book is written by Philip Matyszak and comprises 144 pages. In this book, Philip provides all the information with a tourist needs for a journey back in time to ancient Rome in AD 200. So pack up your imagination and here is some advice on arranging the sea journey to Italy, how to negotiate the road to Rome, and what to see on each of the city’s famous seven hills. Book will also teach you what it takes to a fancy dinner party and where to find the best markets and public baths.

The Matyszak book looks attractive to anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to visit the greatest city of ancient times.

You can easily get ancient Rome on five denarii a day just for $18.33 from the Amazon.

Ancient Rome on 5 Denarii a Day

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3. A Murder on the Appian Way: A Novel of Ancient Rome – Book Review

Murder on the Appian way is a famous novel written by Steven Saylor and comprises 417 pages. Torchlight flickers on the elegant marble walls, and the sound of a mob echoes in the street. Clodius, who is a rich man, was slain on the most splendid road in the world.

On the other hand, the rival of Clodius, Milo, is being targeted for revenge, and the city teeters on the verge of chaos. Moreover, an explosive trial explains the best oration of cicero and marc Antony while the godinaus the finder has been charged by the Pompey. He has to look further to find out the murderer. Gordianus then returns to a deserted stretch of the Appian Way. He works hard to find out the truth that can save a country drunk on power, rent by fear, and filled with the madness and glory of Rome.

You can easily get murder on the Appian Way just for $7.99 from Amazon.

A Murder on the Appian Way

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4. The Eternal City: A History of Rome – Book Review

The magnificent and definitive history of the eternal city is narrated by the great historian Ferdinand Addis. The book answers different questions such as why does ancient Rome continues to exert a hold on our imagination and how did caput Mundi play a vital role in the development of western civilization.

Ferdinand explains the following questions by tracing the history of the eternal city.

The city of the seven walls is the spiritual home of catholic Christianity, a city of artistic imagination, and a symbol of our common European heritage. Rome has also become charmed, inspired, and has a community of tempted builders, writers, dreamers, and travellers across the twenty-seven countries of its existence. Ferdinand also tells us a grand story in an engaging style that seems appealing to the new generation readers.

The eternal city comprises 672 pages, and you can easily get it for $19.95 from Amazon.

The Eternal City

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5. DK Eyewitness Books: Ancient Rome – Book Review

This book is written by Simon James and also DK publishing. It comprises around 72 pages. The book allows you to travel back in time and ancient Rome to discover one of history’s most remarkable civilizations. Simon James allows you to explore inside the colosseum and battles that were never fought within images and support the text throughout the book.

The book also exhibits the stunning artworks and photography from the groundbreaking original series. The text has been reduced to speak more clearly for young readers. This is a favourite book of parents, teachers, and school-age kids.

You can easily get this book for just $9.61 from Amazon.

DK Eyewitness Books

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6. SPQR- A History of Ancient Rome – Book Review

This book is written by new york times bestseller Mary Beard and comprises 608 pages. SPQR history of ancient Rome ranks at number 5 in ancient roman history. In this book, Mary Beard narrates the story of Rome with passion and without the involvement of technical jargon. With nuanced attention to class struggles and the lives of entire groups of people omitted from the historical narrative for centuries, it helps to shape our point of view related to the history of ancient Rome.

You can easily get this book for just $10.18 via the Amazon link.


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Are you in search of books related to ancient Rome? You don’t need to worry as this comprehensive guide contains the best books on ancient Rome that are available on amazon. You can easily pick any one of your choices from the books listed above.

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