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Best Books on a Courses in Miracles

In our everyday hustle and extremely tiring schedules, we turn a blind eye to many pre-existing things that can otherwise bring great changes into our lives, and one thing amongst them is Spirituality. We often fail to pray and meditate and loosen that connection between us and our faith, which ultimately results in a life of confusion and chaos. Spirituality and faith in the divine can turn the world upside down, and this power can be explored in some of the most popular A Course in Miracles books that can awaken your mind, body, and soul by leading you towards the path of Spiritualism.

If you are one of those readers who are hoping to bring some positive changes into your lives with the help of some powerful works of authors, then these A Course in Miracles books on our list are your ultimate destination to awaken the truth of your oneness with God and Love.

1. A Course in Miracles Made Easy: Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love by Alan Cohen

A Course in Miracles Made Easy by Alan Cohen is one of the best spiritual books readers will ever come across. This book takes its reader into a wonderful journey from Fear to Love, that ultimately leads to the discovery of the “self”. Though ACIM books are highly spiritual and bring a positive change to the mind and body of individuals, many young readers have reported it to be difficult to understand. Keeping this in mind, Alan Cohen, ACIM teacher for more than 30 years brings a “made easy” version to make it easily understandable for all.

If you are seeking a spiritual book that can bring peace into your mind and soul, then Alan has made this book easy-to-follow just for you. There is also an online A Course in Miracle video course where you can learn directly from Alan.

2. A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

Another remarkable A Course in  Miracles book on our list by Marianne Williamson is all you need to get rid of your anger and fears in order to welcome love and happiness into your lives. Williamson, who is recognized for her many ACIM books worldwide, aims to bring a lot of positivity to people’s lives through her treasurable books.

In A Return to Love, Williamson introduces the readers to positivity and spirituality, that can take away all the pains and sufferings from an individual’s life by introducing them to the power of love. This book is one of those most-read ACIM books that has proven to be very effective and has left a positive impact on people’s life.

3. Your Immortal Reality: How to Break the Cycle of Birth and Death by Gary R. Renard

Gary R. Renard’sYour Immortal Reality is a book of spiritual principles that will affect and improve your day-to-day lives spiritually and bring peace and harmony into your mind and soul. In this book, readers will come across theories that are beyond one’s common thinkability and will change their perception of the divine, and cycle of life and death.

Renard has gifted the readers with a number of spiritual books including The Disappearance of the Universe,  The Gospel of Thomas, and A Course in Miracles, these books take readers on a different level of understanding, and Your Immortal Reality is one of his masterpieces where you can reach beyond the cycle of life and death by questioning immortality. This book is ideal for readers who are curious about life and death and want to know about something that lies beyond.

4. A Course in Miracles: Text, Workbook for Students, Manual for Teachers by Helen Schucman

This book by Helen Schucman is based on the original handwritten notes written by Schucman himself, that help readers achieve a spiritual transformation. The author has deeply connected the book with “Jesus” and “Biblical” sayings to give her ACIM book a concrete meaning.

Readers will come across a lot of psychological terms since Schucman was a Clinical Psychologist by profession, and also Biblical references because she was highly religious, to prove her points. Although the main motives of the author are explained through the help of traditional Christianity, the lessons are contemporary and will put a positive impact on readers and help them discover themselves anew, spiritually. This book also features universal love, peace, and life-changing lessons.

5. 52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles: Cultivate a Simpler, Slower, More Love-Filled Life by Karen Casey

As the name suggests, Karen Casey will introduce readers to 52 ways of living with course in miracles through her book that is the number 1 bestseller in Spiritualism. This book will lead readers on a path to find inner peace that will eventually uplift their spirits and bring harmony to their minds and body.

Casey is renowned for her books of inspiration and spirituality, and through this book, she helps readers to live a life of course in miracles and find a new spiritual way of living. This book will also teach them valuable lessons of living with love and forgiveness and letting go of all the negativity in life. Since Casey believes that the ultimate goal is not perfection rather it is creating a life full of love and peace, she helps her readers understand that and achieve that themselves.

6. 365 Miracles: Daily Journal of a Course in Miracles by MindPress Media

This book by MindPress Media is a gem for those who are new to A Course in Miracles and want to dive deeper into its lessons. This book can be enjoyed both by students and adults, and its miraculous words will bring change in their thoughts, feelings, and impressions. A book that presents the idea “miracle is now”, will lead its readers to make the most out of their present days and live a peaceful life. Miracles can happen every day, the whole 365 days of a year have hidden opportunities, one just needs to recognize and celebrate them.

7. Unwind Your Mind Back to God by David Hoffmeister

A book that should definitely be on your bookshelves, David Hoffmeister’s Unwind Your Mind Back To God is your way back to spirituality and learning “to forgive” by letting go of all the hatred and anger that put a negative impact on your life. Hoffmeister, a modern-day mystic presents his readers with valuable teachings that will bring happiness, a lot of positivity, and a peaceful state of mind.

This book features how you can apply the metaphysics of ACIM in your daily lives, by choosing the path of “belief”, and taking the path of faith. This spiritual recognition will take your minds back home to God, and will bring a kind of peace that can be felt within and without. This powerful book is going to help you develop some deeper insights about spirituality, and open the doors of your minds for some fresh thoughts that are positive.

 8. Living with Miracles: A Common-Sense Guide to a Course in Miracles by D. Patrick Miller

A comprehensive guide by Patrick Miller is all you need to understand the values of A Course in Miracles and apply it to your day-to-day lives. While ACIM books can be difficult for readers to understand, Miller makes it easier for them to understand even the complex concepts such as the nature of ego, love, and reality.

This book will help readers gain deeper insights into ACIM, and also provide tips and lessons that will make even the most complex portions easy. Get rid of your misconceptions of lives by absorbing into this ACIM classic that will change your personality by instilling spirituality. Miller can help you navigate the path to betterment and happiness through this popular book.

9. A Year of Miracles: Daily Devotions and Reflections by Marianne Williamson

Yet again, Marianne Williamson secures a place on our list with another popular A Course in Miracles book of hers, that will let readers explore daily devotional tips and advice, that will eventually reflect a positive mindset and a peaceful life.

Miracles exist in our everyday lives, a lot of unexpected things happen every day, and Williamson’s book will help recognize them. The number 1 New York Times Bestselling author, Williamson has helped millions of people scattered across the globe achieve the lives they desire through her insightful lessons and her path to devotion. It is the “divine” that can bring change to your thoughts and reality, and prayers, as well as meditations, can lead you towards spiritual enlightenment. Join into this journey of ignorance to awakening with the guidance of ACIM expert Marianne Williamson, and discover miracles every day.

10. The End of Death by Nouk Sanchez

The last ACIM book on our list by Nouk Sanchez will let you explore the areas of your unconscious mind, the “Self” and the “World”, and along with it awaken within your spiritual values. Nouk believes we are all spiritual beings, and just need that spur to recognize that. Step-by-step, Nouk takes readers on a journey from ignorance to spirituality, the home to God, and this insightful journey is explained with lucid excerpts and explanations.

The End of the Death depicts Nouk’s own miraculous journey from confusion to a life full of spiritual beliefs. Through her book, she invites the readers to explore the Biblical references and teachings of Jesus religiously, which ultimately results in love and faith for God. This book features many intellectual understandings that can be used in everyday lives and makes readers understand the worth of faith, forgiveness, and the divine.

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