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Best Books for Five Years Old Boys

In today’s world of mobiles and internet, books and libraries have lost their reputation. The era had gone when grandmothers used to tell lesson able stories to their grandchildren by reading books or by heart. The era is gone when every year of a child’s life was nourished by the books.

It is a famous saying that books are the best friends of a person. One good book is better than a hundred fake friends. People used to read books and tried to implement the lessons in their lives. But today this process is almost eliminated from our lives. The result is our young generation does not care and follow our traditions.

The charm and ethics that were present in the elder’s personalities are not carried by the young ones. The main reason is forgetting the value of books. How sad it is to see that shoes are placed in luxurious cupboards for sale, and books are placed on a stall on the floor.

But still, we can revive this tradition by teaching our young generation the value of books. Therefore, today in this article, we will tell you about the best books that must be provided to a five-year-old boy for his proper grooming and character building. These books contain basic lessons and exercises that are worth knowing for a five-year-old guy.

The following are the books.

1. My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things: for Little Learners Who Want to Know Everything

The best thing about this book is, this is the basic idea of learning. You can say that the first-ever encyclopedia your child will ever have. This book contains proper graphics that deploy the overall theme of the subject or lesson. The simple illustrations and clear photographs make this book friendly for young readers.

It funnily reveals facts. The child will know the basic facts with the touch of humour that will remain in his mind for long-lasting. This encyclopedia illustrates the true importance of people, animals, nature, the planet, and different places.


  • It is written by a well-known children author DK.
  • This encyclopedia contains different books on different topics. Hence, a complete course for young learners.


  • This encyclopedia requires a person who will make a child understand its literal meaning.

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things

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2. What Should Danny Do?

A complete and comprehensive book for a five-year-old guy. This book covers all the basic lessons and activities that are must be known for a little reader. The title “what should Danny do?” indicates the main theme of the book.

This book covers the daily routine of a five-year-old boy. This book tells what should be the priorities of a five-year-old boy in his daily life. Moreover, it also guides parents about proper grooming of their son at this age. Every story and every exercise contains a lesson. So, a worth buying and value for money book are here at your service.


Best reviewed book by teachers.

It teaches all moral and emotional ethics.


It contains a brief description of every topic, not an explanation.

What Should Danny Do

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3. 5000 Awesome Facts

This book is considered among the best knowledge books for a 5-year-old boy of all time. Most of the teachers And parents admire this book for their children. It is the best source of knowledge, funnily and entertainingly. Kids love this book due to its presentation and graphics. The pictures and the knowledge that is added in this book are quite informative.

The presentation attracts children, and their attraction turns into remarkable knowledge. Most of the informatory books are quite boring, and the reader does not pay proper attention to that. But due to its friendly nature, this book is greatly loved by the children. Therefore, if you are looking for a book that contains a treasure of knowledge with fun, then this is the best choice.


It contains a huge number of facts and knowledge, so you get everything in a single place.


It only contains facts and knowledge but not any moral lessons.

5,000 Awesome Facts

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4. Wonky Donkey

This is the perfect read-aloud tale of an endearing donkey. In this book, the writer frames a donkey that has three legs, and it is walking on the road. The writer sees the donkey while it was yawning. After yawning, he started Hee-Haw (sound that donkeys make).

Due to its three legs writer called this donkey a wonky donkey. The donkey walks in such a way that it blooks like dance to the viewers. The important thing is that writer shows the picture in a very funny manner that the child will be in fits of laughter with this perfect donkey tale. This book is a funny tale story that brings happiness to a child’s face.


A perfect and funny tale story to enjoy.


It does not contain any informative and moral lessons. It is just for fun purpose.

The Wonky Donkey

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As it is mentioned above that the distance of the young generation from books is increasing day by day, therefore their attention towards books is very necessary for a well educated is a prosperous society. Hence, if we make books familiar to our children at an early age then, they will find books as their best friends.

Mostly a five-year-old boy starts understanding things. It is the age when a boy observes and learns things. In other words, you can say that children pick quickly at an early age. Because they already have learned speaking, so they desire more things to speak and learn.

Hence, most of the knowledge and informative books are mentioned above, which can be the best choice for your kid. These books contain facts and information with a lot of fun. The writers of these books are considered among the best writers of children. They have conveyed every idea and lesson in an amusing way. In other words, you can say these books are informative comics that your child will love. So, if you want good books for your young reader, you can make your choice easily.

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