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Best Books for Anxiety

The natural reaction by the body in response to tension or worry can be scientifically termed anxiety. This is normal for every living being, as they are going through various life stages and happenings which tend to create uploading of adrenalin. The reason for anxiety may be entirely different for a child who is going to school for the first time to a person who is preparing to face an interview.

There are aspects that can cause the upheaval of anxiety turmoil;

  • Mental shock
  • Illness
  • Brooding of tension
  • Health issues
  • Hereditary factors
  • Drugs or alcohol

Anxiety as such is not a disease. It is a feeling of concern or fear. The body shows reactions like perspiration and increased heartthrob. It is natural to be anxious when there are genuine reasons. But it goes out of the hands, when one is not able to keep it under control, and when this situation persists almost all the time in life. The condition is not curable, but the symptoms can be kept at bay by practicing, exercising, meditating, reading, and such kind of activities that help to relax the mind. The so-called attack will be at its peak for less than 30 minutes, but the brooding occurs over a period of time. The symptoms have to be treated at the proper time, other which ways, can go beyond the control. There are significant show-offs for the anxiety disorder;

  • Restlessness
  • Lack of proper sleep
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Lack of proper concentration
  • Unnecessary showcasing ill-temper
  • Uncontrollable feelings and emotions

There are a lot of tested and proven methods to reduce the symptoms;

  • Reading
  • Taking deep breaths
  • Meditating
  • Regular exercising
  • Music therapy
  • Purposefully avoiding ill thoughts
  • Focusing on positive and happier experiences
  • Anger management
  • Remaining active
  • Staying away from sedatives
  • Getting ample sleep
  • Healthy diet

Reading plays a very crucial role in reducing anxiety symptoms. Studies have shown that reading relaxes muscles and thereby keeping the body at peace.  It also improves better thinking, enhances memory, and even increasing the life span, all of these being indirectly related to anxiety management. Reading books, especially those dedicated to stress enhances sleep and makes the brain straight to think positively. The nervous system as well the circulation maintains a normal healthy state, finally making the whole body at ease with a relaxed mind. Keeping the worries away makes the mind more lucid, improving passion and artistry for life.

An abundance of such kinds of books to relieve the stress and worries are available now. Take a look at the few cited below;

1. Untangle Your Anxiety

Joshua Fletcher, a well-known psychotherapist and author of the book has come with techniques and measures to overcome anxiety and not allow it to overpower our minds. He had to deal with a similar anxiety attack, with which he dealt and succeeded and now creating it into suggestions that can be useful for those who are suffering and trying to overcome anxiety. There are situations in everybody’s life where we worry unnecessarily at times or feel like left alone or being someone else inside, then the book is an excellent choice to help recover. The book can be of help with our promising efforts to overcome the situation.  

Untangle Your Anxiety

2. Dare

Barry McDonagh a person who had been selflessly helping people suffering from panic attacks, anxiety issues have now come up with techniques that can be followed by people regardless of age in order to make life free from tensions and worries. Practicing techniques in the book can be unbelievable transforming the human mind.

The books make us ready to face any challenge coming our way, helping to keep away unwanted thoughts, stop the usage of chemical relaxants, improves self-assurance, and finally aiding to lead a strong and steady life.


3. Peace From Anxiety

Hala Khouri, a therapist and a yoga instructor take us through a journey to make us clear about what are the fears overpowering us, and what are the essential routines that are to be maintained by us. She has very effectively prescribed the wholesome method to regulate the urge of being anxious, as we face them. All humans are tempted to get blown away by challenges in our lives, which makes us low and even lower by facing the troubles of the world. The book helps us to identify the real reason behind our difficulties, so that accurate measures can be taken to pull out the problem. This process need not be an easy one, but after rigorous effort, the fruit will be healing and thus enhancing peace. The author has given the insights of scientific correlation of the signals from and to the brain to understand the anxiety issues. Practicing this can make us more peaceful both at work and also with the warmth of the family.


4. Be Calm

Jill Weber, a clinical psychologist has utilized the techniques and tools to provide a mindset that makes us think positively that all worst things are definitely going to change and practicing of the methods of decreasing the worries. The methods she used in the book ensure to have a merrier and peaceful life. She gives importance to educating the person in need and providing motivation that will enhance the depressive mind. Regular practicing of the ways advised will surely help to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, whether it is bodily or mental, adverse thinking process, and fighting with disordered character. Taking control of the symptoms makes the process easier leading to a more successful life.


5. The Anxiety And Phobia Workbook

Edmund J. Bourne an expert in dealing with anxiety has created supreme, unavoidable requirements for people suffering from nervousness and fears. When we have to survive with dreads and fears, our life seems to sweep out of our hands. The author, who is a specialist in behavioral cognitive therapy, has proposed various ways to deal with serious conditions of the mind including compulsive, anxiety, and stress disorders. The ability to deal with one’s own fears is a great overpowering capacity of the mind, which is possible through this unique boo of activities and exercises. All the essential factors that contribute to anxiety are taken care of in the publication.  Relevant treatment using medicines and their scientific effects on the human brain is also studied by the author and derived information for creating the matter of the book.

The book is prescribed to be used alongside therapy, for excellent results and outcomes for the sufferer to move towards happiness and harmony.

The Anxiety And Phobia Workbook

6. The Anxiety And Worry Workbook

David A. Clark, a specialist in Cognitive Therapy, has designed a whole lot of exercises and methods to follow to keep away from anxiety attacks that are bloomed out of the moon. There a quite a lot of worksheets in the book which can be used to exercise and realize the issues faced by the individual themselves. These are assured to help to face adverse circumstances, fearful situations, and able to handle the clung of the anxiety monster.

The Anxiety And Worry Workbook

7. Anxious For Nothing

Max Lucado, one of the bestselling authors by the New York Times is putting forward the way of God to keep our worries away. He explains the importance of prayer and belief which will pull us out from the sea of difficulties and sufferings of the mind. The book is a perfect pick for curing those who feel indecisive about their life and the prevailing confusion. He asks the sufferers to completely indulge in the power of the Holy Spirit to free them from all mental pains to a liberated, blissful, simplified, and new life free from all the worldly pain.    

Anxious For Nothing

8. Unwinding Anxiety

Judson Brewer has delivered a book on how to activate the brain and when to release the unwanted bearings and to prepare our brain to keep away from the unwanted worries that come against us.  The book has a systematic setup of proven ways to strike hard on the need to getting worried, and the habits that make the mind addicted. The anxiety level of almost everyone in the time will surely be at stake, due to the prevailing situations around us. All these broods to the ultimate consequence of losing the mind, if don’t find a solution after realizing the need. They’re a hell of a lot of reasons for today’s generation to get anxious. The cure for this is to overcome this ring of situations that are constantly hovering around us. The book helps to develop the determination and strength of the mind to come out of this circle of stress. All these practices are proven to be sure to enable a powerful mind by training the brain leading to a normal living.

Unwinding Anxiety

9. Get Out Of Your Head

Jennie Allen has given a brilliant thought controller, which has a thousand ways to regulate the pessimistic thoughts and uncontrolled flow of anxiety emotions. There are poisonous thoughts hovering around everybody’s mind, when comparing oneself to others, thinking that we are the unprivileged ones and with no blessing from God. All such thoughts are sure to stick up any mind and be a place of destruction and distress. The book provides solutions to change our way of thinking, and to believe in God, so that anxiety has to just wave off from our minds, and light and clarity prevailing thereafter. The author strongly believes that God can surely change any person’s suffering, be it any kind. So allowing only his plans to work out, along with one’s own self-control of thoughts and emotions anything would be possible.

Get Out Of Your Head

10. Anxiety Relief For Teens

Teenage is the time of enhanced emotional imbalance in a human’s life. Regine Galanti provides a set of easily handling exercises to take control of one’s own mind and its worries. Anxiety always disturbs a normal living regime. The best thing that most of us do is avoiding such situations, but that will never prove to be a permanent remedy for the issue. This can be affected adversely as we may pass out with life’s beautiful or adventurous situations.

So the book helps to activate our consciousness to let the fear drown down the lane. Self-assessment sheets and physical activities, breathing exercises, and meditating tools are incorporated with the book. Practicing regularly can help to overcome the situation with ease and making life merrier than ever.

Anxiety Relief For Teens

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