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Best Books for 4th Grade Boys

To improve the quality of behavior and way of thinking books should be made the best companions of every human being. The mind is relaxed and uplifts the mood through reading relieving frustrations and anxiety. Communication skills, vocabulary, self-confidence, imagination, and creativity are improved especially among budding children. It even helps to find solutions to stop problems from arising in their real lives.

Readers face challenges in life boldly and positively. Reading can profusely reflect the child’s basic command of language and vocabulary. The habit of reading helps to increase the ability to recollect things and also to develop the skill to write on your own.

The books chosen in the list are meant for children of the particular category and it helps to grip over to writing, vocabulary, and speaking skills. Books are the best way to advance from the state of self-centeredness to an empathetic pattern to understand the conditions of others and have a broader perspective of the universe.

The preferred list of books to be precise consists of stories and can be recommended for intermediate readers coming under the age of eight years. Several such books are available online through Amazon;

1. Tales of a Fourth Nothing by Judy Blume

The author is a well-known writer and the book has been the #1 New York Times bestseller. The book visualizes the mischief and the tantrums thrown in by the prototype character Fudge. The reality is faced by his brother along with his brother Peter and his pet turtle Dribble. Outside the room, Fudge behaves so calmly and seems to be quite adorable making the adults believe so. His level of mischief ranges so broadly that it may at times be throwing annoyance tantrums or other times smearing smashed potatoes on the wall and much more advancing with his trouble.

2. Fourth Grade Rats by Jerry Spinelli

The wonderfully illustrated sequel book regarding Suds and the need for him to change and maintain the toughness of a fourth-grader. He has to develop the skills to be courageous against defending spiders, oppose mothers’ words, pushing down the first graders from swings, and resist the urge to cry under any circumstance. He is trying to make up for all these but is unable to as he is being interrupted by some kind of interference. Here comes the friend of his; Joey who is ready to teach him to be a tough fourth grader. The story progresses to understand if Suds can be tough or remain wimp itself.

3. Mason Dixon: Fourth-Grade Disasters by Claudia Mills

The story is about a charming lovably sarcastic heading character who is ready to start his fourth grade at school. He is so worried regarding the same as most of them are expected to join the school choir that year and that’s going to be his worst nightmare. To sing and perform in front of everybody is beyond imagination and is not even in his far thoughts. He tries to come up with a plan which has to be infallible and safe and of course capable of escaping him from the notice of everyone on the night of the concert. But the problem is that, whether the plan would turn out to be guaranteed or an ultimate catastrophe.

4. Who’s Afraid of Fourth Grade? by Nancy E. Krulik 

The mesmerizing and magical story of Katie when she gets turned into her new friend Emma Weber due to the effect of a magic wind. Katie had always been longing to reach the fourth grade along with her friends. Even though she is worried about the new class, teachers, friends, and other newfangled situations making her more tensed she had been getting prepared to face the fourth grade. This is when the most unexpected happens making the matters worse. Once she got changed to Emma Weber who is always surrounded by her 3 siblings whom she has to take care of. Another crisis arises when she has to be of help to her former best friend Suzanne with her fashion runway debut. Her dilemma in the crisis and how she faces and overcomes it forms the rest of the story.

5. Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate

The book is an unimaginable tale depicting the importance of friends in everybody’s life, whether it is a real one or an imaginary comrade. The story is a touching one with painful sequences where Jackson, our hero finds conciliation in his imaginary friend, Crenshaw who is believed to be an enormous, opinionated cat. Jackson and his family seem to be going through a really tough period where they have lost everything and there is nothing to look up to. The author takes her work as an opportunity to express the importance of a friend in everybody’s life to help overcome the worries faced in life.

6. The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling

The sweetest book ever should the book be regarded as. Just imagine the situation when a boy turns everything into chocolate by the touch of his lips. The storyline itself seems to be sweet and beware of the book being eaten up. The story depicts a boy who acquires the magic gift of turning things into chocolate with his lips. The book itself turns out to be an all-time favorite not only for kids, but also for teachers, parents, and grown-ups as a bunch. Reading can be made attractive and such books help to lure even the loath readers to reading.

7. The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies

Evan Treski even though is only a fourth grader is smart with people. He handles and communicates with persons including adults and grown-ups. A tug grows among his sister Jessie and himself. Jessie being math-smart and particularly less good with people a lemonade stand war starts. The point is not about who wins in the end or will ever the war end? The book comes up with encouraging and practical marketing tips for earning money through business, business terms well defined, and expression of values through graphs, and charts, and even interests the readers with math problems and solutions. The story is for sure a fresh idea and expressed in a funny and emotionally lightened manner and helps to discover how opinions can heighten beyond anyone’s determination.

8. Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

The book comes in a set of five. The cover itself is made attractive and supplemented with the poster as a bonus along with the set. The books included are The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan’s Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, and The Last Olympian. The story is depicted about Poseidon, son of the sea god along with his supermen allies to solve quests of various sorts. There they are faced by unexpected monsters, gods, and conspiratorial figures usually seen only in Greek mythology. The suspense lies in whether they would succeed in winning over their ancient foe to save the Olympians. The book is scoffed at by readers of any age above 8 years.

9. New Kid by Jerry Craft

An honest graphic novel from the award-winning author and illustrator Jerry Craft.  It is about starting over at a new school with low diversity and extreme struggle to fit in with reality. The work has been recognized for its fineness by winning the titles of Newbery Medal, Coretta Scott King Author Award, and Kirkus Prize for Young Readers’ Literature. Our seventh grader Jordan Banks loves to draw cartoons about his life more than anything else in the world. He has been forced by his parents to get enrolled in one of the most admired private schools famous for its way of education and he is among the few children of his color. He had been deprived of his interest to get into the art school which he was dreaming of for a long time to be part of. He also seems a bit awkward as there had been only very few children of his color. He is everyday traveling from his apartment to the expensive Riverdale Academy Day School he thinks about himself and how he has to try to fit into the culture of the new school along with being truthful to himself.

10. The Boy Who Saved Baseball by John Ritter

The thrilling baseball game in the adventure mode is described as projecting Tom Gallagher who helps to try to keep the field they are about to miss if they lose the match. The team of Dillon Town is strained due to the fear of the result of the baseball match which indirectly affects the situation of losing their favorite place. The story attains a twist when the hopeless times are uplifted by the entry of a mysterious boy, Cruz de la Cruz. He claims to be a proficient hitter in the game. As he had left the team years back, nobody knew what happened as he had not spoken to anybody. But in the present state, he might turn out to be the only hope for Tom to savings his hometown. The story is about a boy who struggles to preserve the spirit of the game he loves.

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