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Best Board Books for 2 Year Olds

At the age of 2, your kids are at an age where they learn to recognize things around them, and quickly adapt to new habits. Always restless, full of energy and mischief, your 2 year olds begin to develop their memory from this stage, so it is very important to introduce them to important lessons and some good habits like reading books. It is at this age, that you get surprised every day by the things they do or the words they say suddenly because they are curious about things surrounding them and quickly learning.

To add an extra spark into their growing stage, you can introduce your little ones with Board Books that are equally attractive to look at, and fun to read. Board books are the best for your 2 year olds because they are specially designed to support their growing stage, active mind, and will also introduce them to things that enhance their senses.

While choosing the best board book for your 2 year olds might be a tough job to do, for there are a plethora of them everywhere you go. The best ones are those that teach them rhymes, introduce them to Alphabets, Numbers, and colors, and so on, or stimulate their senses. Here are the best board books available on Amazon that you must buy for your little ones.

1. Wild Animals: A Touch and Feel Book by Little Hippo Books

The Touch and Feel book by Little Hippo Books is all your little ones need to recognize the wild animals, and at the same time feel their shapes and get used to their colors. This book includes koala’s woolly fur, an elephant’s leathery ear, and so many other fun textures for kids to touch, feel, learn and most importantly have fun. These textures will also stimulate the senses of children and make them more intelligent.

The book consists of a total of Five touches and feels activities that your little ones will absolutely enjoy, and the textures are very safe made with utmost care keeping in mind the soft hands of kids. If your 2-year-olds love this Touch and Feel book, then there are also many other editions by Little Hippo for them to touch and explore that feature “Baby Animals”, “ Farm Animals” and “Adorable Pets”.

2. Don’t Forget to Remember by Ellie Holcomb

Don’t Forget to Remember by Ellie Holcomb is an amazing board book for your 2-year-olds that includes melodic rhyme and exceptionally beautiful illustrations that your kids will fall in love with.

A Singer, Songwriter, and author who aims to teach children the power of music from the youngest age, Ellie Holcomb wrote this book to introduce children to the creations of God, and soothing melodies that are also gifted by God. One of the most positive books you will ever find for your 2-year-olds, your little ones will love to sing along with these melodious rhymes with you.

3. Night Night Farm by Roger Priddy

Night Night Farm by Roger Priddy is the best bedtime story for your little ones. The peaceful rhyming with beautiful illustrations is a perfect way to put an end to their restless day and take your little ones into the world of dreams, where all the farm animals after a tiring day are going to sleep and say “Night Night” to each other.

The rhymes are gentle, perfect for reading out slowly, that will eventually put your kids to sleep. The habit of reading bedtime stories from an early age is the best thing you can do for your kids so that they can carry forward this good habit within themselves as they grow up.

4. Peek-a Who? By Nina Laden

Peek-a Who? By Nina Laden is a simple yet captivating learning book for kids, that features lovely rhymes, and eye-catching pictures along with it. This book can be a great beginning for your kids, to begin with learning to remember and sing along the simplest rhymes that are funny and will make your little ones giggle with joy.

The eye-catching illustrations are truly captivating, and the little ones would love to guess who or what is peeking through the window. A thoroughly entertaining and engaging board book, Peek-a Who? deserves to be peeked at by your kids with hearty laughs.

5. Little Green Frog by Ginger Swift

The cutest Little Green Frog awaits to be your child’s best friend in the board book who will introduce your little ones to his other friends at the pond. This adorable little green frog is going to introduce you to animals that live on or under the pond, and are friends with him. Such as the friendly Ducks, the jovial Fishes, the lazy Turtle, and other adorable animals that your kids would love to meet.

This Lift-a-Flap board book is filled with surprises, and your kids will absolutely love to discover them. Perfect for toddlers, the vibrant illustrations and large dye cut-outs will become your kid’s favorite.

6. Babies in the Forest by Ginger Swift

Another Lift-a-Flap book on our list that is so adorable, that your little ones will treasure it. Babies in the Forest by Ginger Swift is a perfect book for early education that can be used both as a daytime as well as a bedtime story. No matter whenever you read them, you kids cannot help but fall in love with this book, and the baby animals such as Foxes, Bears, Deers, Beavers, and many more.

The book comprises simple sentences that your little ones will easily understand, includes the brightest illustrations, and many other surprises waiting for your kids to unfold. There are three more books in the Babies collection such as “Babies in the Snow”, “Babies in the Farm” and “Babies in the Ocean”, so when your kids are done with this book on our list, you can introduce them with the other adorable books on the series, or buy all 4 of them at once for the best results.

7. Night-Night, Forest Friends by Annie Bach

A board book by Annie Bach that will serve as the perfect bedtime story, Night-Night Forest Friends is just what your little ones need to read or hear from you before transforming into a world of beautiful dreams.

As the nighttime is the time to go to sleep early for your kids, but do they know what happens to the animals living in the forest? How do they go to sleep and when? Kids would love to read or listen about how the animals all over the forest get ready for bed. The Papa Rabbit tucks his babies among the cozy bed made of leaves, the fuzzy bears settle in their warm and cozy den, and the little foxes snuggle together under the moonlight. But there is one animal who doesn’t sleep rather, she helps other animals sleep by singing theme lullabies, it is the Owl. A wonderful way to put your little ones to sleep, Night-Night, Forest Friends will become your child’s most favorite.

8. Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

A “Lift the flap” board book by Rod CampbellDear Zoo has been a children’s favorite for more than 30 years and is one of the most highly rated board books for kids of all time. This classic board book for toddlers is very popular among parents for they love to read this out to their little ones and see the happiness on their faces.

First published in the year of 1982, this book features amazing illustrations, children would absolutely love to look and recognize the zoo animals waiting for them to pet. This book includes a whole host of favorite animals, that will be treasured by your little ones. This classic that has sold millions of copies worldwide should definitely be on your children’s bookshelves.

9. Dream Big, Little One by Vashti Harrison

A great board book for your little ones to help them “dream big”, this book by Vashti Harrison is beautifully illustrated and full of positivity. Your 2-year-olds especially girls, would love to read this book for it features bold women in Black History who made a difference, and dreamt big.

This amazing book for kids featuring 18 trailblazing, exceptional black women in American history, “Dream Big, Little One” is a beautiful adaptation of the original version named“Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History”. The extraordinary contributions of these women who have made history are going to serve as your little one’s role models, and will inspire them to dream big and make a difference.

10. ABCs of Kindness by Patricia Hegarty

The last one on our list by Patricia Hegarty is a book that will teach your little ones the value of “kindness” in the sweetest yet most simple way.

While learning the alphabet, kids will be introduced to valuable advice on kindness such as it says: “A is for all of us be everyone’s friend. B is for believing things will turn out well in the end. C is for being caring in everything you do and D is for dear ones who mean the world to you. With this simplest advice, your kids will learn many important lessons that are necessary at this growing stage. Help your 2-year-olds learn the value of kindness by buying them this precious book on kindness.

These 10 board books on the list are truly what your kids deserve to read and have a fun reading time along with adorable animal characters who would become their best friends. These board books are ideal for early lessons and bedtime stories, either way, your kids are going to love reading them.

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