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Best Board Books for 1 Year Old

Reading from a very early age is the best habit you can cultivate within your children, that eventually makes them love it as they grow older. Since 1 year olds have nothing to do with reading, they rather enjoy eye-catching pictures, touch and feel kind of books hence, introduction to books itself is very important, so that they know what the actual purpose of a book is right from the beginning.

For your 1 year olds, Board Books are the best options because they include the right kind of pictures and content that they will actually enjoy seeing, and help them grow and get familiar with the physical appearances of books. Parents and babysitters can use these books also as bedtime stories that they will absolutely enjoy. Here are some of the best board books that should definitely be on your baby’s mini bookshelves.

1. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Written by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault, Chika Chika Boom Boomis the perfect book for your 1 year olds to introduce them to the alphabet and their sounds. This amazing rhyming book is all you need to read it out loud and watch the fun at your child’s face when they listen to the rhyming phrases.

A children’s favorite for over thirty years, this book has been a part of thousands of bookshelves and has been a favorite of kids as well as parents. This classic Board Book will make your little ones love the alphabet chant.

2. Wild Animals: A Touch and Feel Book

This “Touch and Feel” book by Little Hippo Books is all your little ones need to recognize the wild animals, and at the same time feel their shapes and get used to their colors. This book includes koala’s woolly fur to an elephant’s leathery ear, there are so many fun textures for kids to touch, feel and learn and most importantly have fun. These textures will also stimulate the senses of children.

The book consists of a total of Five touches and feels activities that your little ones will absolutely enjoy, and the textures are very safe made with utmost care keeping in mind the soft hands of kids. If your 1 year olds love this Touch and Feel book, then there are many others for them to explore.

3. Moo Baa La La La

Sandra Boynton brings a book specially designed for babies to introduce them to the sounds that animals make. This book is a perfect one for toddlers and will make kids shout out loud at the sounds they learn from the book. This book is hilarious, funny, includes the cutest animal pictures, and will surely educate children while entertaining them. Sandra Boynton is the author of multi-million selling board books, she has blessed children and their parents with the best, educative books for children, especially toddlers. These books too on our list have sold millions of copies and have been loved by all.

4. My First Library by Wonder House Books

This collection of 10 Board Books is the best option for your 1 year olds to explore almost everything at once. From alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes to birds, vegetables, and fruits, your kids will get familiar with almost everything that is a part of our everyday lives. These books will help your kids to enhance their English Vocabulary, get familiar with the basics from a very young age.

These books come in handy sizes, include high-quality board pages and bright images that are eye-catching. Along with vibrant pictures, children get to explore a wide range of learning topics with the help of these amazing books by Wonder House Books.

5. Corduroy

Corduroy by Don Freeman is a timeless classic about a priceless friendship between a little bear and a little girl. Corduroy is a perfect read for children of any age because of its sheer simplicity, your 1 year olds will fall in love with this wonderful tale of friendship.

Don Freeman’s book is one of the most popular children’s books around the world, for New York Public Library named Corduroy one of the 100 Great Children’s Books from the Last 100 years, it was one of the first books inducted into the Indies Choice Book Awards Picture Book Hall of Fame. This classic children’s book was published in the year 1968, and until then, it has been top-rated as “Teachers’ Top 100 Books for Children” and has sold uncountable copies worldwide.

6. The Pout-Pout Fish

Written by Deborah Diesen, The Pout-Pout Fish is one of those entertaining books that 1 year olds will love reading. This board book features bright pictures of the ocean, the hilarious Pout-Pout Fish’s adventure into the ocean, and his playful rhymes.

Your kids will love this book more if you read out these rhymes to them, and watch them sway to the rhythm of Pout-Pout. Deborah Diesen is the author of the New York Times-bestselling Pout-Pout Fish books, she has written some of the best educative books for younger children to help them learn and grow.

7. Dear Zoo

A “Lift the flap” board book by Rod Campbell,  Dear Zoo is a children’s favorite for more than 30 years and is one of the most highly rated board books for kids. This classic board book for toddlers is very popular among parents for they love to read this out to their little ones and see the happiness on their faces.

First published in the year of 1982, this book features amazing illustrations, children would absolutely love to see the zoo animals waiting for them to pet. This book includes a whole host of favorite animals, that will be treasured by your little ones. This classic that has sold millions of copies worldwide should definitely be on your children’s bookshelves.

8. Where’s Spot?

Where’s Spot? by Eric Hill features “everyone’s favorite puppy”, who teaches necessary lessons to children. With an eye-catching cover illustration, the cutest puppy Spot will be your child’s best friend. This book can be read in the daytime, or can also be used as their bedtime stories. This children’s classic should be a part of every kid’s bookshelves.

9. Night Night Farm

Night Night Farm by Roger Priddy is the best bedtime story for your little ones. The peaceful rhyming with beautiful illustrations is a perfect way to put an end to the day and take your little ones into the world of dreams, where all the farm animals after a tiring day are going to sleep and say “Night Night” to each other.

The rhymes are gentle, perfect for reading out slowly, that will eventually put your kids to sleep. The habit of reading bedtime stories from the age of 1 is the best thing you can do for your kids so that they can carry forward this good habit within themselves as they grow up.

10. Wherever You Go

Wherever You Go is an amazing board book by the award-winning New York Times Bestselling author Pat Zietlow Miller and is beautifully illustrated by New York Times bestselling illustrator Eliza Wheeler. This book features the tale of an adventurous rabbit and his animal friends, who set their journey over steep mountain peaks and pass by mesmerizing cityscapes, winding roads that leads them to discover the magic that lies on the world outside their doors.

Wherever You Go is a great choice for kids for it has the most beautiful illustrations and lessons that inspire kids to celebrate their lives. The rhymes in the book are truly captivating and kids will love to sing along with you.

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