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Best BJJ Online Courses

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is martial art predominantly based on the ground and works under the ideology of force, direction, heaviness, and planning. The individuals indulging in the art should be well aware of the human physique and composition so as to confirm the non-violent surrendering of the challenger. Jiu-Jitsu has actually evolved from Japan as a way of combating the Samurais, but the modified version, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is mainly aimed for the purpose of sport focusing principally on weaponless wrestling termed as grappling.  There are immense chances of getting injured during the sport as falling on the ground is common. Even though competitions are carried out with strict safety measures, training sessions are prone to damage. Injuries to the arm are the most common injury during competitions which happens on armbars.

The art of grappling is the most important technique to be of expertise for the sport. The black belt competitions are the most dangerous ones, as the individuals are to be respected for their dedication towards learning the craft. Jiu-Jitsu is the just-right craft for self-protection and safety. The martial art needs a lot of patience and focuses along with utmost dedication in order to get trained in an accurate way. The best time to start training is at the age of six as by this age they would have developed a fundamental level of self-determination.

As part of the prevailing pandemic situation, there are classes and courses available online to learn Jiu-Jitsu provided by several coaches. They also seem to be worthy and contribute to the development of the skill. They also provide instructional material in written format, lectures, and sample videos for reference.  

Jiu-Jitsu is considered as ‘The Game of Human Chess’, as it takes into account the tactics, planning, and methods to progress. The artists who practice the craft are bound to have a strong connection between the body and mind. On a whole, it makes the body powerful with rigorous exercises which would in any way improve the fortitude, vigor, and flexibility of any human body. The physique tends to burn the excess fat turning into a fit self is also an added advantage of the craft.  

The courses available for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are listed;

1. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Self Defense – Beginners & Advanced by Udemy

The course created by Master Sylvio Behring teaches the techniques of defense and the ways to fight larger opponents especially if the learner seems weaker. The essential principles and concepts behind the craft are included in the course. The program is aimed at beginners who would like to learn a method of defense as well as for the highly advanced learners who wants the technique to be progressing further. Regular improvements are introduced to the course so that it becomes even more innovative. The teaching methods are modified so that they can be of use for those who are interested to pursue it for sport as well as for those who need it as a form of defense against intruders.

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2. Women Empowered Course by Gracie University

This is an authorized Gracie self-defense course aiming at women underlying the principles and methodology of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The program constitutes 15 lessons and is intended to impart the knowledge about 20most common attacks that are bound to happen against women. They range from hair clutching and pulling towards the ground to getting restrained by an armed attacker. This course is intended only for the improvement of self-defense among women, so it doesn’t require high status of physical stature. It just needs strength, speed, and coordination. The course has to be taught in the correct way so as to be confident to defend an attacker. The course providers have done thorough research with the Law enforcement officials and survivors of the sexual attack to know the basic attacking strategies and have developed the program in such a way so that training in a prescribed way would sound more useful. It covers the common attack pattern such as; hair-grabs, choke-holds, weapon defenses, and bear hugs.

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3. Headquarters Passing by Jui-Jitsu X

The course is intended for those who are finding it difficult to handle frightening open guards especially with those who are qualified with higher belts or coaches. The program helps the individual to reconstruct this fear. Open guards are really famous due to their effectiveness. It is not an easy task to withstand and overpower the task with a particular lesson. The understanding of the headquarters is the most significant process to face the open guards. The methods to breach into the headquarters through unexpected angles, becoming more relaxed when facing different open guards, improving passes, maintaining the perfect base, attacking common guards, confidently fighting against higher belts, and many more confidence enhancing sessions are included in the program.

The basics to move towards the headquarters by defusing all the open guards to attaining a proper position for a better attack is all that you earn from the course.

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4. New Wave Jiu-Jitsu: A New Philosophy of Positional Escape

The improvise course by John Danaher is pointing at developing a philosophical sense of positional escape. The course mainly focuses on the escape from bad positions and sudden commencing of overpowering submission attacks which seems to be a bit innovative in the field of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The coach teaches the combination attack modes, merge positions, and submission with the New Wave Jiu-Jitsu. The most successful escape method of opportunistic submission holds which is one of the highlights of the trainer’s teaching method is also incorporated in the training. The escape methods using leg and arm pins, coaching around leg locks, arm locks, clamp guards, and many more perfected techniques are also made available for the learners. The course fee tends to be $197.

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5. X-Guard And Beyond by DigitSU

The foundational basics of the reversals of X-Guard and One-Leg X are delivered by Jonathan Satava. The teacher is focusing on combining the conventional X-Guard and the One-Leg X in order to make the bottom game energetic and inexorable. Several other techniques are also detailed by the coach. They include; guard retention, entries, and the perception of “action-reaction” in Jiu-Jitsu to generate actions that are not complementary enough to flounce the challenger with ease.

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6. Total Back Control by MMA Leech 

The course is provided by MMA Leech to improve the quality of back control in Jiu-Jitsu. The ability for perfection in back control keeps the players often at the top-notch of the game. The chance of finishing successfully is extremely high for those who are able to maintain the perfect balance over the back because when it is done correctly it is really impossible to escape from it. So that is why the course gains importance as Back is one of the predominant positions in Jiu-Jitsu. The ability can be achieved only through rigorous practice and training with dedication. This needs proper guidance and which should be from a professional so that the improvements can be monitored accurately leading to the success of the course.

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7. Pressure Passing Concepts by Ash Williams

The rendering of ideas related to pressure passing is delivered successfully by Ash Williams Online coaching. The importance of pressure passing is when one of the contenders is lightweight and needs to maintain the top position with a heavyweight competitor.  The method is going to be really complicated at times. The essential methods to be followed to make the body feel 10 times heavier than the actual weight and to utilize these ideas to gradually steamroll the opponent’s guard is also the highlight of the program.  The course fee is $9.99 every month with the commencing of 8 lessons on the important concepts of pressure passing.

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8. Scientific Guard Retention Because Jitsu

The methods for improving guard retention in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu are one of the significant parts.  So to take a course on the topic means it is making the learner capable of taking a top-level guard.  The course is followed under the guidance of Drew Weatherhead. The additional topics that are included in the study are Macro, Micro, and Meta to Guard Retention. The learner also understands the red zone and the green zone along with the three constructs that are created. This course is guaranteeing the learner to be well efficient in guard retention.  

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9. Escaping Side Control by Gold BJJ Online Training

The course focuses on the fundamentals of building upon the foundation of how to escape side control. Sample lessons are provided to the learners with topics on the positioning of the arm and the goals of the opponent, proper angle and leg positioning, accurate mobilizing of hips, frame and hip based escapes, lever based escapes, undertook usages and escapes, elbow push escapes, and improving from the Crossface.  

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10. Guard Retension by

The course is sponsored by the Brazilian Black Belt with a duration of 42 minutes and 49 seconds. As the name indicates, it is the most important skill in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The inability to sweep, submit or defend the strikes when the guard is passed is the reason why the course should opt. It helps to regain the defending skills and the guarding ability as it is the most unavoidable skill to be maintained in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The program goes deep into the guard retention techniques and the ways to ensure the defense of yourself is maintained stronger.

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