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Best Basketball Coaching Books

To be an effective basketball coach, you must always be learning new things. You’ll have to keep learning new ways and tactics. Hearing what others have to say and what they have learned about the game is a terrific method to learn or keep studying about basketball. Basketball coaching books can help you gain a better understanding of various tactics that you might use in your coaching.

Basketball coaching can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. Whether you’re coaching your child’s young league squad or a pro basketball team, you’ll require assistance at some point. Basketball publications are a terrific tool to help you improve as a coach. All coaches, at any ability, should constantly be understanding the game. Whether you’re seeking new plays, teaching theories, or coaching methods, there will always be something new to learn. Even if you don’t like the playing style described in a book, it can assist you in spotting a particular attack that another team is employing in a game and teach your side how to fight against it.

The bulk of basketball training books on the market contains useful information that everyone may benefit from. Our picks for the finest basketball coaching books are listed below. Check them out and study as much as you can. There is no such thing as too much knowledge. These are the top 10 best basketball coaching books.

1. Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization by John Wooden

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In 41 years of coaching, John Wooden‘s purpose remained the same: to elicit the full effort and performance of products from each of his athletes in the method that best served the team. Wooden on Leadership outlines how he sought and achieved this goal step by step. It underlines the psychological, sentimental, and physical qualities essential to constructing a winning organization, concentrating on Wooden’s 12 Lessons in Governance and his renowned Pyramid of Success, and demonstrates you how to develop certain skills, self-belief, and competitive spirit to “be at your best when your best is needed”—and teach your organization to do the same. Coach Wooden is the embodiment of a winner and one of the best coaches of all time.

This book is on management, including how to manage your group and how to develop leaders. This book is applicable not only to basketball but to any activity, as well as to commerce and everyday life. This is one of several John Wooden books, and I would suggest reading any of them if you have the opportunity.

2. Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Basketball by Keith Miniscalco

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You stepped forward to guide the basketball team, but are you truly prepared? How will you educate your young team on essential skills, manage productive sessions, and harness their energy? Don’t worry; the answers are in the Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Basketball. Yes, the extremely successful and amusing coaching guide has been re-released in a new, extended, and improved 2nd version.

Keith Miniscalco and Greg Kot, long-time instructors, return to apply their information and offer sound advice from the first practice to the final frame. It’s all here—the drills, the plays, the fun—from evaluating players’ talents and setting realistic goals to applying in-game coaching techniques. With the Survival Guide’s compilation of the game’s top young drills, you can improve your team’s handling, passing, scoring, and defending skills. Flip to the offensive and defensive playbooks in the Guide Book for plays and formations that younger players can run. Follow the prepared practice programs to get the most out of every practice.

3. Basketball Drills, Plays and Strategies: A Comprehensive Resource for Coaches by Clint Adkins, Steven Bain, Edward Dreyer, Robert A. Starkey 

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Basketball coaches could benefit from new practice activities, gameplays, and strategy ideas. Basketball Exercises, Plays, and Tactics is a tool you can trust to deliver great outcomes on the court, whether you’re coaching novices who need a starting point or a strong squad that simply needs refinement.

This book explores every part of your campaign, including over 160 drills and plays. It will assist you in doing efficient and successful practices as well as improving your performance in real competition. Step-by-step directions with diagrams and drawings guide you and your teammates through the entire process.

4. Blackboard Strategies: Over 200 Favorite Plays from Successful Coaches for Nearly Every Possible Situation by Eric Sacharski 

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Over 200 tried-and-true attacking moves used by 120 head coaches at various levels of play are included in this collection of “Blackboard Strategies” from 13 years of their famous Winning Hoops publications. These tactics were so valuable to coaches that they had to tell us about them, so you’re sure to enjoy them as well.

This is one you might want to keep in your back pocket. It has around 200 plays that can be used on almost any occasion. This book will be a valuable resource for you, whether a seasoned coach or a novice. This book is a coaching equivalent of a Swiss army knife.

5. Basketball Coaching: A Multiple Option System Based on Bill Self and the Kansas Jayhawks: Includes High/Low, Ball Screen, Press Break, Breakdown Drills & Counters by Lee Deforest

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Based on Bill Self and the Kansas Jayhawks, you’ll discover the Multiple Option Offense. Also, depending on your players, this offensive can rely on a high/low or ball screen approach. We also supply “cheat sheets” with in-game tutoring modifications, as well as responses to the basic motions to assist you in reaping the benefits of your players’ talents. This is a more intermediate coaching book for those already well-versed in the basketball game. It offers a passing attack modeled on the one utilized by Kansas Jayhawks coach Bill Self.

6. Basketball Playbook How to Coach the Offense of the San Antonio Spurs: Includes Coaching Philosophy, Sets and Plays, Counters, Secondary Breaks by Lee Deforest

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Another advanced coaching book, this one teaches basketball philosophy, drills, and plays, among other things. It is modeled after the San Antonio Spurs’ system. It not only demonstrates drills and plays but also teaches how and why they should be employed. You’ll get a thorough overview of the San Antonio Spurs’ attack. This book even goes over the “how” and “why” of each set to assist coaches in selecting the best plays for their team. The illustrations will aid in the detailed explanation of each set, as well as the framework of each of the series of plays. This will be an amazing book for you to plan out a strategy for your own team inspired by one of the greatest NBA teams of all time.

7. Basketball Coaching: How to Coach the Dribble Drive Motion Offense: Includes Basic and Advanced Concepts, Basketball Drills, Quick Hitters, and Secondary Breaks by Lee Deforest

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The dribbling drive motion attacking approach is taught in this expert coaching book. Because this method is positionless, it may be customized to match any player. The Golden State Warriors use a method similar to this. Based on Vance Walberg’s philosophies, you’ll master the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. Also, like the Golden State Warriors’ strategy, this offense is “positionless” and flexible to your players, enabling a coach to choose when and how to target an opponent. During competitive practices, win matches while upgrading all of your players. We also go through the fundamentals and complex principles of this offense, as well as how to teach it to step by step with game-like drills and how to break down teaching concepts.

8. Game Strategies and Tactics For Basketball: Bench Coaching for Success by Kevin Sivils

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This is a fantastic book about basketball strategy. There are no specific plays or Xs and Os covered. It’s an intermediate-level book that concentrates on game-winning techniques and tricks. If you’ve been seeking a comprehensive guide to basketball tactics and strategy, you’ve come to the right place. The book itself is unique, but it is precisely what many trainers require. This isn’t the book for you if you’re hoping for some plays, quick-hitters, or precise X’s and O’s. However, if you want to improve your ability to teach the Xs and Os and, more significantly, use them in-game circumstances, this is a must-read. There are dozens of books and movies about plays, but this is a one-of-a-kind examination of STRATEGY.

9. NBA Coaches Playbook: Techniques, Tactics, and Teaching Points by National Basketball Coaches Association

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The instruction, tactical maneuvers, and techniques provided by NBA trainers are equal to none, even in a team with greater athletic potential. And, as more younger, less grown, and less seasoned athletes from all over the globe have joined the game, those teaching skills have become more varied and refined than ever before.

NBA Coaches Playbook now brings you into practice rounds and sideline meetings with precise Xs and Os and more from the game’s greatest at maximizing on-court performance. Allow head and coaching staff such as Phil Jackson, Mike D’Antoni, Avery Johnson, Stan Van Gundy, George Karl, Eddie Jordan, Mike Dunleavy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and others to present you with new insights that will improve your team and individual players.

10. Basketball on Paper: Rules and Tools for Performance Analysis by Dean Oliver

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Take a look into basketball’s numbers and statistics to see how you can use them to make better coaching choices. This book does not contain any plays or exercises, but it does teach you how to use analytics to get your best players on the field and into winning circumstances.

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