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Best Banking Courses after Graduation

The banking sector has been ever-growing in the United States. The United States is one of the most complex yet effective systems when it comes to the banking sector. Various types of banks in the United States include Retail Banks, Commercial Banks, Mutual Banks, Online Banks, Central Banks, etc. More and more people in the USA are looking for a job in the financial sector because of multiple reasons. A few of the advantages of working in the banking sector are:

  • Workplace is really good and working hours are preferrable
  • A variety of options in the sector
  • Opportunities to grow quickly in the sector
  • Great salary
  • Benefits from the organization you work in

There are a variety of banking opportunities that the banking sector offers to the ones who wish to do the job. Most of the time, the students that graduate from universities take up an online course in a subject of their choice in order to boost their chances of getting a job through polishing their skillset. These courses are provided by various online platforms. Few platforms have university tie-ups with them that provide quality online courses.

In a world that constantly runs on money, students who have a passion for commerce love to explore it through the business sector. But banking is more than just money transactions and keeping a record of it. Banking branches into numerous intricate topics which one can pursue. The United States economy is one of the best economies in the world and it’s very fascinating how the banking sector contributes to that. A very large part of the success of the banking sector is because of the people working in it. And along with their degrees, the online courses that they pursue count a lot in their personal and professional life. Here are a few online courses related to the concept of banking that one can go for:

1. Economics of Money and Banking by Coursera

The dynamics of economics in the modern world are completely different from the dynamics of economics in the last couple of decades. A brand-new curve is introduced into the world as people dive deep into the economics of banking. The main aim of the course is to understand the economic scenario of the past and the present and try to update the methodologies in which things were handled for future use.

The course is offered by the Columbia University on Coursera. It is almost spread across 13 weeks with 33 hours of content that you can complete at your own pace. You can earn a certificate after the completion of the course. A strong sense of monetary view and what it contributes to the banking sector is understood after completing the course.

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2. Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination by Coursera

If you concentrate on the mishaps that happen when a transaction is taking place, you would realize that most of these transaction faults are intentional as many people are becoming the victim of the frauds that are growing in the world. It is always a safe bet to have a risk assessment of the transactions that are going to be carried out. Even the simplest of mistakes can lead to a loss of money.

This course exactly trains you to identify the fraud and analyze the risk behind it. As more and more banks are hiring risk assessment personnel, this course could help you land that job. It is offered by the West Virginia University and the course stretches to 5 weeks with a total course time of 7 hours. John Gill who is the Vice president of Education in Association of Certified Fraud Examiners presides over the course.

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3. Essential Career Skills for Investment Banking and Finance by EdX

It is really hard in the modern world to find someone who can give you some really good advice about investment banking. Most people just talk out of experiences instead of having the proper knowledge. This course helps you improve your financial literacy to a level that you actually understand what exactly you need to do with the financial aspect of any investment. Strategies and methodologies about a variety of financial institutions can be learned.

This course is offered by the New York Institute of Finance on edX. It is a 2-week course in which 3-4 hours per week should be dedicated. The course is conducted by people who have immense experience in the sector. The course is free but you need to pay for the verified certificate but it is worth it.

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4. Corporate Finance by EdX

It is really important that one takes the right decisions when it comes to the financial aspects of a business or any multi-national company. There is a very fine line between securing a future for the company and burning the company to the ground. And all those delicate decisions have a direct effect in the betterment of the company. The course teaches one to develop a business-oriented decision-making skill when it comes to the corporate sector. This can be done by learning the principles and cores of finance.

You will learn how the companies handle their finances when it comes to the biggest stage of the world. The course is offered by University of Maryland on edX. This advanced course can be completed in 7 weeks with 8-10 hours of work each week. The course with the certificate will cost $399.

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5. Digital Banking – Masterclass by Udemy

When was the last time you actually did a cash transaction? The world is going entirely cashless as people opt to complete the smallest of the smallest transactions through the digital medium. It is proved to be a safe and secure way of transaction. This course teaches you the aspects of digital banking and how the entire system works. It even tells you about transactions that can be carried out with the help of mobile apps as well. This course can land you a job in the Information technology section in banking.

This course is offered on Udemy. Anyone interested to pursue a career in digital banking can take the advantage of this course. The course includes a couple hours of video and downloadable study material. The course costs around $190 but discounts are frequently available.

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6. Financial Analysis – Must Skill for Every Banking Executive by Udemy

One of the absolutely crucial skills when it comes to banking is the Financial Analysis. It is one of the integral assets of a banker if the person understands financial analysis. This course teaches one to read the cash flow and fund flow statements. It will help you gain confidence in analyzing any financial statement in the future. With learning experience, one can practice it virtually as well.

The course is offered on Udemy. This course is a one and half hour course that can be taken up by anyone who wishes to learn financial analysis. It is divided into 3 modules. The course costs around $120 but discounts are available.

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7. Currency Exchange by Alison

It is a very self-explanatory but very intricate concept. When you go out on a vacation or a holiday to a country that does not use your currency, you must exchange your currency for their currency, and depending on the rate of it, the money can be less or more. For example, dollars can be spent more freely when converted to rupees in India but it is the exact other way round for Indians who might go on a vacation in US.

This course teaches the fundamentals of currency exchange and how it impacts a particular country. Most of the times, the currency exchange has been brought though the tourism sector. The course is offered on Alison and you can get a certificate of completion.

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These were a few courses with the help of which one would enhance their knowledge and skills when it comes to Banking.

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