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Best Baking Books

Are you one of those people who love deserts more than the main course, but are afraid to try them on your own? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. Each one of us in some part of our lives has tried baking and failed terribly, or made a mess out of it and just managed to make it. But, have you been wondering how do experts use the same ingredients and yet turn them into mouth-watering delicacies? To be honest, it is indeed a work of art, but anyone, even you can master the art of baking with the right guidance.

There are many people who join baking classes to reach a level of perfection, but not all manage to do that because of their stressful day-to-day routines. But there is even a better way, to learn and master baking all by yourself, by taking advice and trying out new recipes from award-winning Chefs and Baking experts. Here on this list, you will come across the best books on Baking written by experts, who want to turn you into a confident Baker who gets loads of compliments every time.

Now, baking Cakes, Cookies, Tarts, Pies, Breads, and so on, is going to be your favorite thing, because you will be able to make them like the experts. Take a look at this list of books that you must read to become the best home-baker.

1. The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum

The Baking Bible

Just as the name suggests, this book is indeed a “Bible” of baking, for the legendary baking expert Rose Levy Beranbaum gives every necessary little tip to turn your baking skills into perfection. From learning to bake cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, and many other lip-smacking deserts, to developing your own passion for baking with the best advice from Rose, you will find it all in this precious book.

You can call it a “magnum opus” or a treasure of bakery, as you please, but this book is truly the best one in its genre and a winner of the 2015 IACP Cookbook Award for Baking. Rose through this book also introduces baking enthusiasts like you to the most unique and new recipes that you can try out with the ordinary ingredients available in every kitchen, and get loads of compliments in return. For people, especially women who want to begin a career in a bakery or want to set out their own shops will get a lot of help from this book.

Well, this is not the only baking book that Rose has been praised for, there are many more you need to explore right when you finish with this one.

2. Bravetart: Iconic American Desserts by Stella Parks

BraveTart Iconic American Desserts

A New York Times Bestseller, Stella Parks’ Bravetart: Iconic American Desserts includes all the secrets of baking the perfect pies, tarts, muffins, brownies, and ice-creams. If you and your family members have sweet tooth, and totally drool over the name of deserts, then these recipes that you learn from Stella Parks will make you a star of the kitchen.

Stella Parks is an award-winning pastry chef so you can imagine how many expert tips you’ll come across throughout the book. Surprise your kids, husbands, wives, and guests with these amazing baking recipes, that can become your secrets that you tell no one, and still rock it every time you try them out!   

3. The Pastry Chef’s Guide’ by Ravneet Gill

The Pastry Chef's Guide

Ravneet Gill, the expert Pastry Chef introduces readers to the “Secret to Successful Baking Every Time” in her book, and truly makes it easier for home bakers to make the best Cakes and Patisseries. A wonderful book for complete beginners who fear making a mess every time they bake, Gill begins right from the basics to show that making a pastry is absolutely easy.

In this extraordinary booklet, you explore the principles of Patisseries and avoid all the pitfalls that usually ruin baking. Learn from Gill to please everyone and yourselves with your baking skills.

4. The Cake Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum

The Cake Bible

Yet another book on this list by Rose Levy Beranbaum that deserves a mention, The Cake Bible is especially for those who want to master the art of baking fancy, lip-smacking Cakes that look and taste amazing. This classic cookbook on baking the most exquisite cakes will be appropriate for both beginners and those who are a little experienced and want to improve, for Rose turns complex recipes into easy-to-follow ones, to bring joy in every baking. When things become easier, you gain confidence, and so will you, feel confident while baking and making.

5. Tartine: A Classic Revisited by Elizabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson  

Tartine A Classic Revisited

Winner of the 2020 IACP Award for Best Cookbook, Tartine is full of new and innovative recipes. With 68 recipes that are totally new and 55 that are all-time favorites, and are presented with a different touch, this book is a perfect blend of classic and modern recipes. From making the most perfect gluten-free Morning Bun with wholegrain wheat to giving a new look and tastes to your Tarts, you will slowly master it all, and will be able to make it like a pro!

The pictures in the book are equally gorgeous and drooling like its recipes, and it’s obvious, whenever you try to make them, you’ll try every way to give your dish a finishing look that can compete with these pictures. And that is what is going to turn you into an expert Baker.

6. 100 Cookies: The Baking Book for Every Kitchen by Sarah Kieffer

The Baking Book for Every Kitchen

If you want to focus on baking the most sumptuous cookies that can compete with any bakery, then Sarah Kieffer’s 100 Cookies: The Baking Book For Every Kitchen is just what you’re looking for.  With about 100 delicious and unique cookie recipes ranging from ordinary “Choco Chip Cookies”, to the most unexpectedly delicious ones including “Lavender Cookies”, “Neapolitan Cookies”, “Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars” and so many other exciting recipes that can be made with basic home ingredients.

Nominated for a 2020 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Cookbooks, and featured in popular magazines like the Wall Street Journal, Bake from Scratch Magazine, and Wine Enthusiasts, Kieffer’s amazing Cookie book full of the unique recipes is what anyone would treasure. Now you can make the crunchiest, most delicious, evenly shaped cookies that anyone would drool over and want more. Who would stop you from becoming famous then? Who knows your fortune lies on these cookies? Jokes apart, learning from a Cookie expert like Sarah Kieffer will certainly turn you into a perfectionist.

7. Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes by Jeffrey Hamelman

A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes

Originally published in the year 2004, when Bread: A Baker’s Book Of Techniques and Recipes reached out to people, they instantly loved it, and this popularity led to the winning of the Julia Child Award for Best First Book. Featuring 140 classic, traditional and modern recipes for making different kinds of bread, Hamelman is indeed a bread master.

From focusing on step-by-step processes to make the perfect dough to adding different flavors to make your bread even more delicious, Hamelman will give you baking and bread-making lessons that you will never forget. Say no to buying unhealthy bread from shops, and make them yourselves with even healthier ingredients, that also taste much better.

8. The Nordic Baking Book’ by Magnus Nilsson

The Nordic Baking Book

Are you thinking of trying something new to bake? Then, Magnus Nilsson, the expert Swedish Chef will introduce you to traditional Nordic baking recipes that you have never heard of or tasted before. This book will take you deep inside the rich Nordic culture, and introduce you to traditional baking recipes that are centuries old. Also, you will come across some modern recipes that are sweet and savory and will win every heart.

Since the Nordic region comprises Sweden, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, and Norway, you will come across the traditional recipes of so many countries, all together in this “magnum opus” of Nordic Baking.

9. Bigger Bolder Baking: A Fearless Approach to Baking Anytime, Anywhere by Gemma Stafford

Bigger Bolder Baking

Now baking will become your favorite hobby when you learn it from a baking star like Gemma Stafford. From the beginning with the most trendy easy-peasy recipes to baking it like a pro, you will learn it all here, in this book.

Gemma’s book is perfect for beginners for it also covers some basic baking recipes made out of common kitchen ingredients, and will also prove very helpful to those who are improving or want to improve, and make the most perfect Cakes, Cookies, Muffins, and other savories that look as if, bought from the bakeries.

10. The Pie Room by Calum Franklin

The Pie Room

If your focus is only on baking the most perfect restaurant-style pies, then why not learn it from an expert like Calum Franklin, who will introduce you to the “treasure trove” of pies. There is so much to learn from The Pie Room, be it the humble Chicken and Mushroom Pie, Cheesy Dauphinoise and Caramelised Onion Pie or the ultimate beef Wellington and Rhubarb and Custard Tarts, you will learn to make and bake it all.

With about 80 delicious, lip-smacking recipes, The Pie Room will introduce all the secrets of perfecting your Pies and Pastries.

These 10 books on the list are no doubt the best choice for baking enthusiasts like you. Each of these books on the list is written by the most celebrated Baking experts who will turn your amateur baking skills into a pro-level, where you cannot help but blush at the compliments you will get flooded with. Who is going to be your kitchen companion today? Is it Rose Beranbaum, Gemma, or anyone else you’d prefer more? No matter whom you choose, you will eventually become a perfect home-baker.

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