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Best Baby Books

It is never too early to start reading! It is a habit that parents should cultivate in their children at a very young age. After adolescence, kids are very unlikely to start reading because of all the gadgets around them that have been taking over reading for years now. One of the main disadvantages of the advent of technology is the almost extinction of reading. Hence, baby books play an important role in the development of this habit in infants. Good baby books will make them fall in love with listening to stories and reading stories.

Studies show that reading baby books aloud to your children from an early age strengthens your bond with the child and also helps them to start talking faster and to develop a wider and better vocabulary. So, you should start reading to them while they sit wide-eyed on your lap listening to stories of dragons, princes, and fantasy lands instead of sitting wide-eyed in front of a screen and rotting their brains. We have put together a list of the best baby books that you can buy and start reading out loud for your child.

1. Feelings (Lamaze Mirror and Me Board Book) by Rose Colombe 

One of the best aspects of baby books is that most of them come with their own cute little accessories that will intrigue and fascinate kids. This is one such book, and it comes with a little mirror on the pages! Children will love turning the pages of this book as the story really tries and engages with the kid. The most important trait of a baby book is that it should be interactive. This book is just that. They will learn to sleep like a koala, look silly like a giraffe and act surprised like a monkey! In a way, the book lightly teaches kids to love themselves and be confident in their own skin. It will also help them better understand their feelings and emotions at a very early age.

2. 8 Little Planets by Chris Ferrie

Most kids have trouble learning science from a young age. This is because science can seem a little too complicated for young minds to grasp. One other problem kids face is that they have a very limited attention span, so the only way to teach them subjects effectively is through interactive fun ways. ‘8 Little Planets’ is a story about the 8 planets in the solar system and their adventures. The book gives a different characteristic for each planet which will help the kids to learn the names of the 8 planets, associating them as the characters in the book. ‘8 Little planets’ is interactive, it’s rhyming, and it is a lot of fun! The book also states facts as the planets rotate around the sun by incorporating them into the story which is really nice. All in all, the book is a perfect blend of knowledge and fun.

3. First Hundred Words in English and Spanish  by Ana Godinez 

One of the best things that you can do for your child is to try and increase their vocabulary from a young age. An even better thing you can do is to try to teach them a foreign language along with their own mother tongue. Infants have amazing grasping power when it comes to languages. Languages that they grow up hearing will eventually be embedded in their minds. So, if you help them learn a new language along with their mother tongue, they will be forever grateful to you when they grow up! The book ‘First Hundred Words in English and Spanish’ will help you to do this easily through fun and interactive ways. The book covers all the basic words in English and Spanish and gives your baby a small introduction to the world of languages. The book is colorful, with a lot of really eye-catching pictures and it is also made of a really tough board so that it is safe in the most brutal little hands!

4. Tummy Time – Happy Baby by Duopress labs 

Tummy time is one challenging book for babies. It opens out like a harmonica into several pages and can be propped up on a bed or a crib or on the floor. A baby will have some trouble reading It but that is exactly the point of the book. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, this book helps babies develop their strength, stability and coordination by rolling and crawling to try and read the book. They will surely go to such lengths to read it as the book is very engaging and full of life. The book is actually a 2 in 1 book with one side featuring vibrant and colourful pictures of babies smiling and other very happy and cheerful images and the other side features high contrast black and white images which will be helpful for the babies developing eyes. The tummy time books have been popular for a long time in a lot of countries and they will be perfect for your baby.

5. Anti-Racist Baby Picture Book by Ibram X. Kendi 

Research shows that babies start identifying races when they are as young as 3 months old. For that very reason, this might probably be one of the most important books in this list. Racism is still prevalent in society and it is absolute cancer. It is our duty to make sure that our kids do not grow up to be anti-human. So, it is never too early to talk to your kid about this. The anti-racist Baby picture book helps to do the job. This is a 9X9 picture book that helps parents to teach their kids about the importance of treating everyone equally and also helps them reflect and recognize their actions on a daily basis. This book is hands down one of the best books you can buy for your kid. This book even has its own episode in the Netflix Original show ‘Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices’. The book has been a best seller for quite some time now. The book is also attractive for kids with its bold and playful text and fun pictures.

6. Look Look! by Peter Linenthal

Did you know that new born babies only see black and white and grey images at first? This is why a lot of baby books use high contrast black and white images for their books. This helps to develop their eyes better and faster and also helps to really grasp the attention of the kid. ‘Look Look’ is a book that is dedicated to this cause. The book is made of really sturdy board and features a number of high contrast black and white cut paper art for kids to look at and be captivated by. The book also uses red to show words which is also a very intense colour and supports the intention. The book is meant for babies below the age of 3, that is when their eyes are still developing. Kids above the age of 3 might not necessarily find the book appealing though. But if your kid is still below 3, this book will be a great option for you.

7. Mommy, Mama and Me by Lesléa Newman

This is also one of the most important and progressive books on this list. It teaches kids from a young age that homosexuality is nothing strange and it is as normal as being heterosexual or Bisexual is. The book is especially useful for same-sex parents for making their kids understand that their family is perfect and so is every other family. The book is just 20 pages but the impact it leaves is huge. Homosexuality should not be considered taboo anymore and this book makes sure that your child grows up with this idea and will learn not to discriminate against people based on their sexuality. The book is meant for kids from the age of 3-7. This is a simple book and there is no mention of diversity or sexuality or anything like that. It just portrays same-sex parents in a very normal way without going into too much detail.

8. Where is the Astronaut

This book teaches kids about the science of space by combining it with one of the most popular games, hide and seek. This perfect fusion is exactly why this book is a best seller. ‘Where is the Astronaut’ was actually released for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of one of mankind’s biggest achievements in history, the moon landing. The book provides a lot of space facts and information through vibrant pictures and funny sentences. The book also has a lot of surprises for your kid like small mirrors under felt flaps, which they will definitely enjoy. The book is meant for kids under the age of 2 and consists of 10 pages.

9. Can Bears Ski? by Raymond Antrobus 

This book is known for winning the prestigious Ezra Jack Keats Honour for its writing style. It is the story of a bear who finds out that he Is deaf and then goes to an audiologist to get hearing aids. After he gets the hearing aids, his world turns loud and he is puzzled at first but then with the love and support of his dad bear, he finds his way to live life to the fullest. This book is perfect for differently abled children and will help them in being familiar with changes that happen in their life. All in all, the book is perfect and actually serves a purpose which makes it even more amazing. The book is meant for kids between the age of 3-7 and consists of 40 pages.

10. All the World by Liz Garton Scanlon

‘All the world’ is a book used by teachers and mental health counselors all around the world. The pictures in the book are a little different and are a little more grown-up.  So it will take some time for babies to enjoy the pictures. The book also has a very poetic narrative and uses rhymes and can even be used as a song by the child. The pictures on the book are very detailed and once the child gets used to it, they will be hooked. The book has a heart-warming and amazing story that can even make full-grown adults cry! The story is meant for children between the age of 2-5 and consists of 40 pages.

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