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Best Automation Courses for the Electrical Engineer

Gone are the days where employers in factories and industries have to do the repetitive job which is just mindless tasks. This repetitive work is tiring and does not make use of the full potentiality of the employers. The emergence of robotic automation engineering has paved its way in the industry and it is just taking away our jobs (truth bombs). But on the brighter side, the labour cost can be reduced, the work has become more efficient, reduces risks and  It helps reduce the need for human intervention. Automation plays an increasingly vital role in the global economy and in daily experiences. It increases flexibility, speed and minimises faults.

If you have completed engineering and have an interest in automation, (force your interest because this field pays a huge chunk of money) learning skills that are required for automation engineering would be a great choice for a prospective and rewarding career. These Programs typically focus on topics such as electromechanical systems, computer technologies, fluid power, process control and industrial electronics. The first step to choose the right course to learn automation has become an easy step because you are scrolling the right article. We have listed down the top programs which provide efficient automation courses for electrical engineers. The following programs have been enumerated down according to their affordability, practical knowledge on PLC, SCADA and Human Machine Interface (HMI).

1. Automation: Implementation in Business Online Certificate Course by LSE

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is one of the foremost social science universities in the world. The university is located in Holborn, United Kingdom.

The duration of the course is just 6 months excluding the orientation. The mandatory classes include 8-10hours per week.  The course helps to learn a comprehensive understanding of automation technologies which essentially focus on business and management. There is an immersive focus on Artificial intelligence and cognitive automation’s role in automation. The course is highly recommended since the instructor of the course is Professor Leslie Willcocks who has a wide reputation in electrical engineering.

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2. Advanced Diploma of Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Engineering for Oil and Gas Facilities by EIT

The Engineering Institute of technology is one of the finest institutes located in Australia. The Institute offers comprehensive programs worldwide through online courses.

The duration of the Advanced Diploma of Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Engineering for Oil and Gas Facilities course is 18months part-time. The course primarily focuses on the emerging electrical and instrumentation engineers in the oil and gas industry. The technical challenge of extracting oil and gas has been very demanding and doing a course in this field will increase employability as well as a good chunk of money.

The course is an advanced diploma which can be completed in just 18months. This field is majorly recommended. The cost of the program is USD $10,410.00

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3. Certificate in Automation & Production Technology by Keystone Academic Solutions

Located in Madison, USA,  North Florida Community College is a top-notch community college offering immersive courses on electrical engineering.

The Certificate in Automation & Production Technology course is a 600hours course which is a full-time comprehensive program. The course focuses on robotic systems technology, 3D printing systems, CAD using SolidWorks® software and Hydraulic systems. Moreover, this course stands out because it offers certification from Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC).

The cost of the program is $3,084 for Florida residents and for  Non-Florida resident, it is $12,018. Another advantage of doing this course is, you could articulate 15 credit hours into an AS in Engineering Technology degree.

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4. Specialization in Automatic Control Systems by Keystone Academic Solutions

In 2023, the ITSA University Institution will be recognized as a high-quality Higher Education Institution with institutional and international accreditation.

The ITSA university is located in Columbia. Specialization in Automatic Control Systems is a comprehensive premium course for learning to integrate modern technologies in automated control systems. The course starts on Jan 2022. The course is taught with real-life case studies which will help you to improve your skill in electrical engineering.

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5. Professional Certificate in Drones and Autonomous Systems by EdX

UMUC, University System of Maryland is a top-rated university offering a professional certificate in drones and autonomous systems. The course is instructed by Barry Douglass, PhD who is a first-class faculty on automation engineering.

The course is a self-paced program offered on EdX. The cost of the program is $268.20 USD for the entire program. The course is also available at a part-time pace. Moreover, Use of drones is predicted to inject $13.6 billion into the U.S. economy over the next three years.

The course will help you to learn crucial systems view of drones with hardware and software including data collection, storage, analytical requirements, and systems life cycle. It is highly recommended.

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6. Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology by Ivy Tech Community College

Offered by Ivy Tech community college, Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology is a great course to learn the nuances of automation with robotics and AI installation. Located in Indianapolis, the community college has been nurturing students for more than 100years.

The course is specially designed to compete in the global marketplace. There are 5,929 Annual job openings projected through 2021. The instructors are in the manufacturing industry for a lot of years. The course includes 34 credit hours ie 3 semesters. The course is highly endorsed for its job placements.

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7. Certificate in Automation and Robotics with Lab by Keystone Academic Solutions

The Certificate of automation and robotics with lab is offered by the Cleveland Institute of Electronics. The course starts in early September of 2021. The duration of the course is 480hours but it is a self-paced program that can be done full time as well as part-time.

The course helps you to learn how to design, build, and test a robot while incorporating automation concepts. It blends several concepts for a comprehensive study on automation. There are one-to-one classes with instructors.

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8. Certified Automation Engineer by Advanced Center for Engineering Career and Technology

Doing your automation course in this institute has excellent pros. Advanced Center for Engineering career and Technology creates automation for famous companies like Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Schneider, ABB, Delta, GE Fanuc, Fuji, Omron, Yokogawa, Honeywell and Emerson.

The duration of the course is 200weeks which will be prolonged to 12 weeks. The course is valuable to learn programmable logic Controllers, field instrumentation and safety instrumentation systems.

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9. Automation Professional Training by  International Society of Automation

This course is particularly designed by the top automation professional, control systems engineer, and engineering managers of the institute. Located in California, the course is offered by the International Society of Automation.

Automation Professional Training course is an intensive course with a diversity of modules placed for each and every section. This course is highly recommended for students who want to specialize in particular subjects.

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