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Best ASP Prep Courses

Occupational safety and health are the requirements of every industry. A safe workplace not only protects employees from injuries and illness but also reduces companies’ injury costs and absenteeism in turn increasing its turnover and productivity. A safety professional’s job is to create this safe work environment by preventing work hazards, accidents, and illness of employees and making the company a place where people would want to work.

Even though this profession doesn’t receive much attention; it is a rewarding career path to choose as it not only provides you with job security and a hefty salary, it also gives you the satisfaction one has after helping others. This is a noble career path that is growing as we speak. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 122,000 jobs were reported for safety professionals in 2019 and this field is expected to have a 7% rise in demand till 2022.

Trained and certified safety professionals are the demand of every organization as they can develop more effective safety and health management system and provide a better quality of training to workers, increasing their morale and saving companies’ money.

Associate safety professional is one such exam that you can clear to become a trained safety professional. ASP certification is awarded by BCSP to individuals who demonstrate the required proficiency and want to work full-time in a profession where at least 50% of their duties are devoted to the prevention of any damage or injury to individuals in that workplace. An ASP certification from BCSP exhibits your command over the practical knowledge required for this profession. It also provides a boost to your self-esteem and helps you in gaining better job opportunities.

If you are interested in this profession it’s time for you to tighten your seat belts and start your preparation for this exam. We bring you Top 10 best courses that can help you to prep for your ASP exam. Read below to get to know links to these.

American Society of Safety professionals ASP Certification Course

This self-paced course allows the person to learn according to his own pace. You get 1-year access to this course and can stop and restart according to your schedule. In this course, you get to participate in a range of learning activities, watch video lectures and quizzes in each subject area to prepare you for the certification exam. You also get a hard copy of the “ASP Examination Study Guide” textbook which is yours to keep. This course only costs you $875 and your study guide will be shipped to your location. This course provides 3 CEUs after its completion. To apply click the link below.

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Bowen EHS ASP Online Course

Bowen EHS is one of the best online platforms for the preparation courses of ASP and CSP exams. ASP online review is a comprehensive online review course that provides you with live lectures 2 days a week for 6 weeks and also allows you to interact with the instructor and other participants. These lectures are recorded too and are available after the end of the session for those who want to learn at their own pace. You are also provided with access to study material for 1 year. This course costs $945 to an individual and if you register as a part of a group, it’s $845 each. The one’s who complete this course get 2.4 CEUs.

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Columbia Southern University ASP Prep Course

The university provides a 10-week course for the preparation of the ASP examination. Pre-recorded presentation on how to examine safety management systems, ergonomics, fire prevention, and other concepts that follow ASP examination booklet. After the completion of this course, every student is provided with an ASP self-study guide for future study. This course gives 3.7 CEUs after its completion. The course is available at $550 and is online. Click on the link to apply.

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Institute of Safety and Systems Management ASP Online Course

This institute provides ASP10 Exam Prep, an own pace learning course for ASP exam preparations. They provide you with 14 video lectures on all the topics according to the BCSP blueprint and online study sessions with compressive coverage on subjects. A copy of the ASP study guide is also provided by them and over 900 review questions. You get a year’s access to all this from the date of your registration. This course provides you with 3.0 CEUs and a certificate from the Florida Institute of Technology after its completion. This course is available at $886.95 only plus you have the freedom of customizing this course according to your needs and hence you can also lessen its cost up to $289.95. Click on the link below to apply to it today.

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SPAN™ Associate Safety Professional (ASP) Exam Prep

They provide you with a package of live- virtual workshops, online prep, and a SPAN workbook. They have a 3 days workshop with the workbook and a year’s access to online exam prep. This workshop is taught by professionals in this field and SPAN online prep is an effective tool for distance learners. This exam prep also provides you with a 5-hour computer test with 200 questions designed to measure your academic knowledge about the subject. The whole package costs you $950 but you also get the option to customize your package according to your needs thus reducing the cost. Click on the link below to apply.

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Online ASP Program by National Safety Council

National safety council (NSC), in partnership with BCSP, is providing an online interactive pre-training program for the preparation of ASP exams. They are providing ASP examCORE with the knowledge and skills to successfully complete these certification exams. This is an online self-paced learning course that provides in-depth information on each area of the ASP blueprint. You get 6 months of access to this course which gives you access to more than 40 learning modules and 1,000+ examCORE practice questions and answers. The course costs $999 and if you want an NSC e-book bundle too, this course will cost you $1199. The eBook bundle promotion includes any of the NSC Press hardcopy books found in the blueprint references of ASP, CSP, CHST, OHST, or SMS.

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Aset Institute of Technology ASP Course

This institute provides you with a workshop for the preparation of ASP exams. This workshop will help you in designing your study plan, obtaining answers to your questions regarding core exam material, and becoming familiar with resources available for the preparation of the exam. You will be reviewing more than 600 problems addressing the complete examination blueprint. To know more and get access to this course click on the link below.

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ASP Course by Mometrix Test Preparation

Mometrix test preparation provides with ASP Safety Fundamentals Test which is entirely in a digital format and encompasses all the subjects related to ASP exams. It is a 5-hour test. You are also provided with the ASP Safety Fundamentals Study Guide for the preparation of tests and Mometrix also has the availability of a flash cards kit for ASP exam preparations. Click on the link below to access this.

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Udemy- Associate Safety Professional- ASP Practice Test

This course is available on Udemy online courses app. This is basically a practice test course created by instructor Syed Muhammad Samuel Shees whose has 10 years of experience in this field. You’ll be provided with two preparatory exams under this course with lifetime access to them. This course will only cost you $118.41 and has a 30 days money-back guarantee. Click below to apply for this course.

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