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Best Adobe after Effects Courses

Adobe is an international computer software company in America with headquarters in San Jose, California, established by John Warnock and Charles Geschke in the year 1982. The company had been thriving in making neat preferences about their requirements to push them forward. The acquirement of Omniture by Adobe provided it with the capacity to add a few sets of tools into their produce contributions. The organization is famous for its multimedia and innovative software products such as Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

The After Effects is a very potent application especially for animations, graphics, composting, and designing of effects. There are a variety of purposes like image in motion, statics image file, sequencing of still images, and audio files combining all together in the task. The After Effects helps to create visual effects and motion graphics following the industrial standards of software. It helps to create visually outstanding projects for film, TV, video, and websites. It is an excellent choice for 2D and 3D animations and seems to be more interactive in real-life motion graphics. Most of the Disney animations rely on Adobe After Effects.

Learning After Effects isn’t such a herculean task; it’s a bit tricky and needs patience to come out successful. The program is a wide-ranged one that can be easy as a beginner course and can be extremely difficult, depending upon the requirement. The usage is more economical for a large production house or company, as it requires a lump sum amount of investment.  It has the most superior cutting-edge characteristics to promote the best motion pictures and graphical effects needed by the industry.

The career after taking a course on After Effects can be separated into two ways; Animation and Video Editing. The animation may be 2D, 3D, and Motion Graphics. In every career you choose, the leader in After Effects gives life to any stream you follow.

The annual salary ranges from $18,500 to $134,000, with changes in median income of $39,000, $83,000, or $107,500 based on the ability and experience in the sector crosswise the United States.

The sectors that can be pursued after the course;

  • Freelancing
  • Creation and selling of templates of After Effects
  • Organization of workshops
  • Blogging
  • Starting  motion design school

Some of the courses for effective learning about the After Effects in Adobe;

1. Learn Adobe After Effects CC for Beginners by Skill Share

The course led by Jordy Vandeput, filmmaker and you tuber provides a complete introduction about the fundamentals of Adobe After Effects and takes the learner into a wonderful world of graphics and animation. The class is enriched with real-life situations and examples. The course ensures the learner to be able to create visual effects and motion graphics on their own. Video editing and filmmaking are introduced in a fun-filled way to make the classes super-exciting. The outcomes of the course are the skills of masking and compositing, blending and tracking, playing with texts and shapes, animation and motion design, and a generalized aspect of visual effects.  

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2. Adobe After Effects CC: Complete Course – Novice to Expert by Udemy

The course is composed of training in motion graphics creation, visual effects, and compositing VFX. The course helps the learner to acquire knowledge about the use of After Effects CC, to work with recent methods in responsive design, to enhance the videos with motion graphics that are created by self, and ultimately self boosting by working on activities and projects ranging from easy to difficult ones. Practical knowledge about accomplishing superb video effects, time effects, motion tracking, and camera tricks, working in 3D space using light, camera, and shadow, importing and animating using Vector Graphics.    

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3. After Effects 2020 Essential Training: The Basics by LinkedIn Learning

The instructor Mark Christiansen, author of After Effects Studio Techniques moves along the basics of Adobe After Effects 2020. The course motivates and teaches those who are starting to learn about the course. He takes a slow step starting from the fundamentals of video and animation and later progressing into the after-effects interfaces. He also provides us with an understanding of building compositions, working with layers, animating, adding effects, 3D designing, and rendering. The course also allows the walkthrough of sample projects in order to understand real situations. The teacher is the celebrated animator behind world-famous movies like Avatar, of the Caribbean: At World’s End, The Day After Tomorrow, Spy Kids 3-D, and more to his account.

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4. The Magic of Walk Cycles by Motion Design School

The course is a specific one but still related to Adobe After Effects. The program focuses on the animation secrets behind walking cycles, which is an inevitable part of the animation arena. The course is well explained and understandable and close to the reasonable thinking ability of the learner. The course mainly highlights the bouncing or the jumping vigorously of a character. This is a second stage for those who have the basics of After Effects in animation. The course fee rounds up to $299.

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5. Adobe After Effects for Character Animation by Domestika

The course on the Adobe After Effects led by Facundo Lopez, an illustrator and animation artist in motion graphics ensures to teach the process of animation of the work prepared by the learner. Animation is something that is highly realistic as it imparts life into plain images. The course leads through the basics, interfaces, and the key characteristics, analyzing the differences between compositions and pre compositions, specific using of mattes, masks, fusion modes, keyframes for initiating the animation process starting with small and simple things. The value of time management, basics of animation, making use of the curves of animation, and adding shape to the layers, to begin with, the objects getting animated are also given importance. The requirement of the utilization of 2D space, moving of the body parts of the character, and ultimately making it to walk or run by watching closely the movements of the feet and arms and subsequently completing the animation ready to be uploaded. All these add up to the positives and encouragement to take up the course to learn the topic.

The course providers; Domestika Basics are known for their different kinds of rendering of the classes in a very systematic manner. The contents of the program are very specifically painstakingly organized and presented in such a way that it is acceptable for professionals and beginners. The professionals can have a polishing of their area of knowledge, whereas the beginners can make it a point to take it up seriously to move forward for better understanding.  

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6. After Effects Class – Introduction by American Graphics Institute

The course is offered by the American Graphics Institute, which gives an introductory course on the After Effects techniques. The software is considered to be a complete one for the excellent creation of motion graphics and visual effects for video, websites, and other sources. The class teaches the learner about tricks and tips about the visual and audio effects. The teachers are proficient in the field of film, broadcasting, and media production. The fee charged comes around $795.

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7. After Effects Transparency and Blending by Pluralsight

The course throws its focus into the controlling of clearness and merging of two or more After Effect layers. The program includes covering techniques like adjusting blends, opacity and masking a green screen. The ways of controlling and blending by beginning with the alpha channels and opacity, followed by ways to merge two images for interaction, blending modes for simpler tasks, polished color correction, and creating shifts between easier and professional effects are almost all the tools and tricks included in the study process. The mediator of the course is Laura who is a visual effect wizard and also an expert in motion graphics.

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8. After Effects Training by Training Connection

The classes are offered through video lessons, with all the details of After Effect training to learn about the creation of motion graphics that would blow the minds of the viewers. Animation techniques, video composing ideas, and attractive projects utilizing the essential tools required in today’s industrial atmosphere. The instructors are very well experienced in video editing and their awareness and acquaintance with the course is outstanding. The training includes working with projects which are real and so the learners can master the abilities of motion graphics, composition effects, title design, animation of vector shapes, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, animation physics, stabilization and tracking methods, and final rendering of the completed activity for broadcasting.

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9. Work with 3D by Adobe

The program takes the learner through a variety of renderers that are essential for After Effects. The differences in the renderer provide different chances of appearances of 3D elements in a composition, which is taught in the course. Alongside these, the positioning of 2D layers in a 3D space, addition of light to a fresh composition with 3D layers, flight of camera through a scene, the addition of a camera to a composition, generating 3D using 4D renderer, and the variations of Classic 3D and Cinema 4D renderers are detailed in the course.

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10. After Effects Training: Essential Skills 1 by lumenbrite

The course is available as three-day training and costs $1,295 and involves the basic facts and sophisticated contents coming under the program. The learner will be able to create high-quality video compositions, Photoshop, Illustrator, and other related files.  The program also incorporates improved textual effects, blending video effects, keying effects, and track mattes. The ultimate result will be the conversion of the learner from a basic level animator to a supreme quality professional with the knowledge of After Effect tools and an expert at the workplace. Streamlining methods used in post-production and information about pre compositions, and motion tracking are also covered in the course. The instructor also leads the learner through the possible downfalls that are possible to occur during the profession, and the ways to overcome them confidently.

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