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The Bellhops Moving Forward Scholarship Program

Are you a college student or enrolled or planning to enroll in an undergraduate program? Then, Bellhop is here with an extraordinary scholarship opportunity for you. Students enrolled or planning to join in the undergraduate programs have an excellent chance to win the Bellhops Moving Forward Scholarship Program. This program, with simple eligibility requirements and the straight forward application process, will provide great relief to the students.

This program was started for the students to help with their educational expenses. The Bellhops Moving Forward Scholarship Program is for new high school graduates or undergraduate students to improve their college life experience, and educational expenses stress-free and help them to focus on their academics to create a shining future in their field.

Bellhops are a service providing company so that people get a moment of relief and satisfaction, that moment when they know they’re home. Bellhops are committed to getting things done the right way and never settle for anything less. Bellhops care for others by putting them and their needs first. The firm is driven to identify opportunities and create solutions to better serve our customers. It is known to approach life with optimism, energy, and light-heartedness.

Who May Be Eligible?

To be eligible for The Bellhops Moving Forward Scholarship Program, applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Applicant must be graduating high school senior, or be enrolled in an undergraduate program.
  • Individual must have excellent academic performance.

How to Apply

Candidates should download the application form and fill all details. Interested candidates should email their applications and other documents to to be considered. Applicants should submit their complete applications with all the necessary documents required for this scholarship. Incomplete applications or incomplete documentation are not considered for the award.

Supporting Documents

  • Applicants should submit a 1,000 to 1,250 words essay with the application. The article should explain the importance of the applicants’ majors and how they plan to use it to make a difference in the community. An essay should provide precise details, demonstrate creativity, appropriately cite sources, and express applicant’s personal thoughts and opinions. An article should be written in English and should be submitted as a Microsoft Word Document or a PDF.
  • The fellow should submit personal information such as their name, address, contact number, email, intended major, undergraduate institution (currently enrolled or planning to be entered), and the date of application submission.
  • Applicant should also submit a clear thesis and supporting arguments that belong to the applicant.
  • Candidate should submit their recent passport-sized photograph with the application.
  • Applicants have to submit a copy of your most recent official academic transcript. If an applicant is graduating high school senior, applicants are requested to provide a copy of their high school transcript.


Winners of The Bellhops Moving Forward Scholarship Program will win a scholarship fund worth $3,000. This scholarship will help students with educational expenses like tuition, fees, books, or other expenses related to their education. The award encourages the students to do better in their fields.

Application Deadline

Application deadline for The Bellhops Moving Forward Scholarship Program is September 15, 2020, before 11:59 pm Eastern Time Zone (EST).

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