Back-To-School Supplies for Preschool

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Back-To-School Supplies for Preschool

The basics

1. Pillow, blanket, mat, sleeping bag, binky

If your child is at preschool all day, you can make nap time easier with familiar cozies, labeled with your child’s name. Using your own bedding also helps deter lice infestations.

2. Slippers

Some preschools require slippers as “indoor shoes.” Go for a warm, no-slip pair.

3. Smock or old T-shirt (for when projects getmessy)

Extra clothes (Accidents happen. Include extras in all apparel, especially pants, plus a jacket or sweater in case it’s cold — and write your child’s name on each item.)

4. Pull-ups

Put two or three into bag with your child’s extra clothes. Better safe than sorry.

5. Wipes

6. Tissues

7. Hand sanitizer

8. Photo from home

for when your child misses you

Optional items


Label it with your child’s name, school, and phone numbers.

Box for storing items

Lunchbox or bag

Water bottle

Spill-proof and stainless steel or BPA-free

Other ideas

Usually preschools are stocked with oodles of art and educational supplies, but certainly
ask your school or teacher if you should provide any glue, paint, paper, pencils, crayons, etc. It’s a good idea to stock up on these items at home, too, to keep the creativity going and growing.

Label-making machine (To make sure things that went to school with Liam don’t go home with Lily.)

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