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ATMAE Conference Student Poster Competition

Applications are open for ATMAE Conference Student Poster Competition sponsored by ATMAE Management Division. The competition is open for Technology, Technology Management, Applied Engineering and other technology program students (undergraduate through the doctoral level).

Applicants are invited to submit a synopsis of on-going research and/or results of your research, case studies, or surveys for the 2018 ATMAE Student Poster Competition. A maximum of three presenters may be listed on each proposal.

Who May Eligible:

To eligible, applicants must meet all the following eligibility criteria:

  • Technology, Technology Management, Applied Engineering and other technology program students are eligible to apply.
  • Undergraduate through the doctoral level are required.

How to Apply & Competitions Rules:

To participate, applicants must submit one-page synopsis/abstract adding “ATMAE – Student Poster” on the subject line to Dr. Suhansa Rodchua, email:,


Part 1: Synopsis/abstract submission

  • Synopsis/Abstract Format
    • One page Word document
    • 5” x 11”, with no less than 1” margins on all sides.
    • Font size 12-point, Arial Narrow or Time NW is recommended. Do not submit “read only” documents.
    • Do not use ALL UPPER CASE text.
    • Use Bold for headings and italics for subheadings.
  • Content (required sections)
    • Title
    • Author information: Name (s), degree program name and status (i.e. Undergraduate, MS program, Ph.D. candidate, DIT candidate, etc.), sponsoring institution, daytime phone number, and email address
    • Faculty Sponsor Name (if any), phone and email
    • Need (statement on why the presentation/research is needed), 50-100 words
    • Brief detailed overview of study between 100-150 words
    • Major Points (bullets recommended—no more than 6)
    • Summary or Conclusion—75 words or less
  • The Synopsis Should
  • Clearly articulate the research or work undertaken
  • Use correct language, spelling, and grammar
  • Convey a topic of current interest or relevance
  • Apply critical thinking skills
  • Be creative

Part 2: The Poster Competition at the 2018 ATMAE Conference

  • Presentation, Thursday, November 8: Based on the merits of the submitted abstract, students will be selected to create and present the poster. Student (s) will be at their poster and prepare to answer questions to the judges.
  • Poster Guidelines create your poster using Microsoft PowerPoint, using a single slide, poster size: 1 panel of 36 x 48 inches. Bring your poster to the presentation room; there is no need to mount on a tri-fold poster board.
  • Suggestion – poster should include:
    • Poster size: 36” x 48”
    • Poster Title: Font size 100
    • Presenter and University Name: Arial 60+ Headings: 90+ bold Page 3 of 3
    • Subheadings: 70+ bold
    • Text: 50-70
    • Text on the poster should not be less than 36 point font.
    • Use of Appropriate Pictures/Graphics: You can insert jpegs, BMP, etc. Pictures, diagrams, graphs, tables, and charts should be a clear resolution and make your poster visually appealing.
    • Citations: Be consistent. Citations are done according to MLA, APA, or CSE guidelines.
    • People enjoy informative, colorful, visually appealing and stimulating posters!


  • Winners are divided into 2 categories; undergraduate and graduate levels and 2 awards for each category.
  • The 1st prize will receive a $150; the 2nd – $100 prize. Each winner will also receive a certificate.

Application Deadline:

Submission deadline is August 31, 2018.

Original Website

Further questions, contact: Dr. Suhansa (Sue) Rodchua, School of Technology, University of Central Missouri, and Email:

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