Acknowledge Strengths- Become Victorious in MBA Exams!

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Acknowledge Strengths- Become Victorious in MBA Exams!

It is a common problem of many students that despite a very hard work and commitment demonstrated they do not reach the score they dream for in MBA Entrance Examination! Some students fall a prey to something called an inferiority complex. They feel that they are unlike the rest. The worst thing is they feel that they are born that way. Uhh!

These negative feelings are more poisonous than the deadliest venom! They kill without making a buzz! Let us for once start believing in all the pluses that we have been gifted by God! Let us now and forever stop thinking negatively. Let us take an oath today. Let us believe that we all have in us an ability to conquer the toughest of situations and emerge victorious and triumphant.

Acknowledge Strengths- Become Victorious in MBA Exams!

Feed your brain, on a daily basis with positive and thought-provoking statements like these. Let us in this article analyze what ‘strengths’ are and how to identify them in your ‘being’.

Ask yourself these quintessential questions:

  1. Why do I underestimate my skills?
  2. Did anyone tell me so? Or is it my own idea?
  3. Did I ever receive appreciation or a positive feedback? When was the last time I was appreciated?
  4. Am I over-confident? Am I diffident? If so why? Think of past events/situations when you really felt negatively about your confidence levels.
  5. Am I concentrating only on the negative traits of my personality?

I am sure even an ounce of negative thinking pulls our morale down. Shrinks it to a dwarf rather. Negative thinking triggers the virulent ‘depression’. But honestly speaking there is nothing that you need to feel bad about. The only mistake that you committed was not feeling possessive about your own ‘strengths’. You never contemplated on them seriously. You have taken a negative feedback on yourself for granted. Because your own attitude kept these strengths in a dormant condition. Hibernating within you for ages. You never considered them! It is high time that you revamp this sickening image.

Evaluation of strengths:

Did you ever sit back and analyze your strengths seriously? Many of us do not consider these things at all. We have become so mechanical that we have forgotten the fact that we are after all biological creation of God! We have become dormant survivors. Let us first commit ourselves to a complete personality revamp!

  1. Ask your near and dear to talk about your goods and bads.
  2. Tell them not to flatter you, not to sugar-coat their words. Tell them to talk about you critically.
  3. Try to evaluate your own attitude (while working or not working) with others over a period of time.
  4. Indulge in a heart to heart discussion with the person helping you evaluate your strengths.

You will now feel confident and your morale seems to have risen up substantially. Once you realize your strengths make them tools to work on your life. Let these strengths improve the quality of your physical and mental life.  Once you realize your strengths and use them for your benefit, you will see your score increasing by leaps and bounds, be it an exam!

Acknowledge Strengths- Become Victorious in MBA Exams!

It’s time for a celebration!

There are now, more reasons for you to celebrate. You now celebrate because you have come face to face with your strengths.

  1. Keep a record of your strengths. Sooner you will see that you are adding to the record!
  2. Love yourself, praise yourself and pat yourself! Don’t crave others to do it!
  3. Compare yourself with your peers. A healthy competitive spirit yields positive results.
  4. Evaluate and analyze your strengths whenever your morale sinks.

I hope this is the good exercise for you to estimate your esteem or confidence. I am sure by now you must have unearthed a few strengths already! Did you? Do you feel better and relaxed to a certain extent?

I would love to listen to your experiences. Do share your experience with us. And please do share the techniques you adopt to avoid negative thinking.

Wishing you success!!

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