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Academy of Notre Dame Scholarships

Every year, the Academy of Notre dame offers multiple scholarship opportunities for candidates with unique and exceptional talent and potential. The following scholarships are being offered in the honor of St. Julie Billiart, foundress of the sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. Students of upper and middle school are eligible for applying for the following scholarships. Specialty scholarships consist of a total of 5 grant contests i.e. global citizenship, STEM, Music, Dance, and visual arts. Applicants can participate in the above-mentioned contests as per their interests and skills and win a chance to receive some amazing awards.

The primary purpose behind offering these scholarships is to encourage students having exceptional talents to participate in the contest and earn some great scholarships. The academy is taking this initiative to help students who are in need of financial aid and also to develop that sense of competition among students. Application procedures, eligibility criteria, and deadlines for all scholarships vary. Therefore, for further information, go through the entire article.

The Academy of Notre dame, formed in 1856 has devoted itself towards educating, empowering, and inspiring young women for a lifetime of compassionate leadership and service. They focus on inspiring young women to inquire, explore, imagine and innovate through advancing their potential to the fullest. They have contributed to the lives of many women who are currently involved in various sectors of the world.

Brief Description

Here is a brief description for you concerning the following scholarship:

OrganizationThe Academy of Notre Dame
Educational levelN/A
AmountNot defined
Access modeOnline
Number of awardsNot defined
Scholarship deadlineNovember 5, 2021
Application feesNot required
RequirementsTranscript/strength of academic recordEntrance exam performanceTeacher recommendationsCo-curricular and extracurricular involvementAttendance and disciplinary records

Who is Eligible?

Following are the eligibility requirements that need to be satisfied for participating in the following scholarships:

  1. Second language study in school and proficiency in a second language through family life or personal interest.
  2. International education experience or involvement with a global organization.
  3. Cross-cultural experiences provide opportunities to work alongside people whose backgrounds and perspectives are different from one’s own.
  4. STEM
  5. A strong foundation in mathematics, including the successful completion of Algebra 1 by the end of the 8th-grade year.
  6. Participation in a math/science extracurricular activity.
  7. Passion for the STEM fields, including but not limited to participation in a math/science/coding club, volunteering, or interning at a STEM-related facility (like a hospital or research institution).

How to Apply?

Following are the application requirements for applying for the following scholarships

  1. Global citizenship
  2. Complete your Application form for Admission, including an Entrance Exam, Virtual Shadow Day Visit, and all required supporting documents.
  3. Submit a 250 to 500-word written essay in a .pdf format that answers the question: Tell us a story of a time when you took into consideration the perspective of another person to understand better them or a problem they were experiencing.” Include as many relevant examples from the above criteria as possible.
  4. STEM
  5. Complete your Application form for Admission, including an Entrance Exam, Virtual Shadow Day Visit, and all required supporting documents. (new applicants only)
  6. Submit a 250 to 500-word written essay in a .pdf format that details your experiences and responds to one of the two prompts below. Include as many relevant examples from the above criteria as possible.

“Describe a past science experiment you have done or an idea for a future science experiment you would like to conduct (and why).”


“Describe a STEM-related question you have or a topic you would like to explore. Why is it interesting or meaningful to you?”


Candidates should submit a video audition (instructions below). Following the review of these submissions, candidates who qualify for the next round of live auditions will be notified via email.

Vocal Audition Guidelines

  • Vocal and instrumental selections should show versatility, showcase abilities, and demonstrate high musicianship skills (dynamics, interpretation, phrasing, musicality).
  • Singers should sing two of the following scales: A Major, C Major, E Major and G Major using solfege syllables (do-re-mi, etc.), or a neutral syllable such as “la” or “da”. Typically, if you are a soprano, you should sing E Major and G Major. If you are an Alto, you should sing A Major and C Major.
  • Please prepare and submit two 2-minute excerpts of two contrasting pieces—for example, Classical and Broadway.

Instrumental Audition Guidelines

  • Instrumentalists should prepare and submit two 2-minute contrasting pieces.
  • Instrumentalists should submit two scales from the following list by instrument. Please announce what scale you are playing before playing it.
  • Strings: C, G, D and A Major with the relative harmonic minors in 2 octaves with at least one shift.
  • Woodwinds/Brass: F, G and C Major and their relative harmonic minor in two octaves.
  • Piano: Choose any two white critical major and minor scales in 2 octaves with hands together.

Candidates should submit a video audition (instructions below). Following the review of these submissions, candidates who qualify for the next round of live auditions will be notified via email.

Dance Audition Guidelines

  • Dancers should prepare and submit two (2) solos of their choosing, lasting no longer than one minute each.
  • One or both solos should include the following technical movements:
  • Pirouette both en dehors and en dedans
  • Grande jeté and developpé leaps
  • Spiral to and from floor
  • Grand battement with both right and left leg
  • The genre may be classical or contemporary and should showcase the dancer’s technical and artistic capabilities. Choices should give a sense of placement, line, body awareness, flexibility, and control.
  • Dancers may choose a featured excerpt from a group piece or a specially choreographed piece for this audition.
  • Visual arts

Portfolio Submission

Applicants should submit their portfolio images in a Google or .pdf slideshow format comprising 8-10 paintings. The slideshow should be shared via email to and labeled clearly with the artist’s name and current school.

Portfolio Guidelines

  • All submissions should be digital images.
  • Artists may submit three-dimensional work, but only in photograph format (NO actual sculptural submissions).
  • Submitted work should demonstrate a variety of styles, mediums, and abilities.

Portfolio images should be submitted via email to and clearly labeled with the artist’s name and current school.

Essay Submission

At the top of your essay document, please include:

  • Your full name
  • Your current school
  • Title of your essay

Save your essay as a document in .pdf format. Title the document with your last name and the name of the specialty scholarship for which you are applying (example: “Smith_Global Citizenship”).

Send your document via email to

Video Submission

  • Record your video using an iPhone, Quicktime Movie on your computer, or create a YouTube link.
  • Send your video via email to

Supporting Documents

Following documents are needed to be attached with your application:

  • Transcript/strength of academic record
  • Entrance exam performance
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Co-curricular and extracurricular involvement
  • Attendance and disciplinary records
  • Dance resume- Dancers should submit one letter of recommendation from a dance instructor and a dance resume along with their audition. The resume should include experiences, accomplishments and a list of your dance schools, years, styles and teachers. 
  • Music Resume- Both vocal and instrumental performers should provide a music resume along with their audition. The resume should include experiences and accomplishments and a list of your performances, years, studies, and teachers (school and private). Musicians may also choose to submit one or two written recommendations from current instructors, though they are not required


Participating in the following scholarships will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to showcase your talent in the following different art forms, compete with your schoolmates and win your way to receive some amazing and fun awards.

Application Deadline

The following are the deadlines for the scholarships mentioned above:

  1. Global citizenship- November 5, 2021
  2. STEM- November 5, 2021
  3. MUSIC – October 25, 2021
  4. Dance- October 25, 2021
  5. Visual arts- No deadline

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