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3Wishes Women’s Empowerment Scholarship

If you are a female applicant who is planning to attend college in the next two years, you should try this pleasant 3Wishes Women’s Empowerment Scholarship specially designed for females. It is seen that even today, there is still quite a large gap between men and women when it comes to income, wealth, debt, poverty levels, discrimination, abuse, domestic responsibilities, and the opportunity to take on leadership roles, all of which are more significant difficulties for women of color. To reduce this gap and allow each female to stand equally as men, the organization provides the 3Wishes Women’s Empowerment Scholarship to one deserving female candidate where preference will be given to women of color. 

This scholarship aims to support, uplift, and encourage women’s past systemic and social barriers. Their mission is designed to help women in achieving their dreams in and out of the classroom. The vision of the 3Wishes is to provide an equal opportunity to all irrespective of their color, economic status, and gender, where each individual will be seen equally, without any discrimination.

The Bold.org organization always comes up with motivating and inspiring scholarships for the community. The organization provides $1000 for the one deserving candidate who provides the best ideas through the essay, which focuses on women’s empowerment. The organization has offered various scholarship opportunities to female candidates to empower themselves and become independent. 

Brief Description 

Please go through the table to get more information about the scholarship:

Organization Bold.org
Educational Level Multiple 
Access Mode Online 
Number of Awards1
CountryUnited States
Application Deadline         November 30, 2021
Application FeesNil

Who May Be Eligible

Students are requested to check the eligibility criteria mentioned below before applying for the scholarship:

  • The applicant should be a female candidate
  • The applicant must be a legal U.S resident
  • The candidate should be planning to attend college sometime in the next two years 
  • The candidate must need a financial barrier
  • The student must be enrolled in community service
  • The candidate should be enrolled in extracurricular activities 
  • The candidate should submit the complete application
  • Women of color are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply 

The submission must be provided before the deadline, accompanied by the required documents. The candidate should provide the complete application with the valid information mentioned as the invalid or incomplete application may lead to rejection. The submission must be made via an online process. 

Please provide the submission before the deadline as the late submission will not be considered for the scholarship. 

 Supporting Documents 

Please submit the below-mentioned documents along with the application:

  • The fellow should provide the complete application
  • The candidate must provide proof of residence
  • The student should demonstrate the need for a financial support
  • The student must submit an essay on the topic:

 How does the applicant think society can most effectively empower women? What needs to be done to ensure these demands are met?


The awarded scholarship should only be utilized to pay the educational expenses of the students. The scholarship must only be brought to pay the tuition fees, fees, book expenses, and other expenses. The application procedure for this fund is simple. A $1000scholarship will be awarded to selected candidates.

Application Deadline 

Submission must be provided before the deadline, November 30, 2021, as the late submission will not be considered eligible for the scholarship. To begin with, your process as soon as possible to receive the reward. 

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