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Best 1-Year Courses after Graduation

Graduation is something that many of you do not put much though into and just join after our High School to be in College, whereas there are many who actually work hard in High school to get into one of the most promising colleges or schools of higher study to follow Dreams. Post-graduation is something that should be dealt much seriously because this will be the one which will decide on your future.

Students who pursue a Master generally spend one to two years in the enhanced study of their chosen field. This program is taken after receiving a bachelor’s degree, and available areas of study include science, law, technology, finance, social sciences and the arts.

As more and more students look forward to earning a master’s degree at a promising university, many students among them are now looking to earn their degree in a short period of one year. Fortunately, universities of USA have a one-year master’s program. These promising programs which are a fasty and in-depth program, allows motivated students to earn their degree in less than regular time.

Diplomas are typically offered through community or technical schools. Diploma programs take a shorter time to complete than bachelor’s or associate degree programs, making them an ideal option for people looking to jumpstart their careers.

Some of the courses are:

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Hybrid Education: Online & Onsite together with Online Internships/Projects By attending their program, you will gain rapid Digital Marketing skill development and great earning potential. The program is a transformative 12-month experience during which you will train in a paid Digital Marketing internship within an innovative company in New York City, while simultaneously receiving in-class instruction, career coaching, and mentoring.

Here’s what you’ll be learning:

Digital Marketing Fundamentals
Digital & Social Selling
Search Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Digital Strategy & Planning
Introduction to the Internet of Things
Business Simulation & Project
Industry validated by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Vodafone, and more.
Students spend 18 hours/week on evenings and weekends to complete the curriculum part of the program.

Business Studies Courses

Business studies in the United States take place in colleges and universities throughout the country. While most major towns have a college of some sort, the main universities and colleges tend to be located near major urban centers. People come from across the nation to study business in the United States because of its strong economy and highly successful business professionals who are known across the globe for their business sense. A Masters in Business Administration from a U.S. university is recognized throughout the world.

The academic year in America is made up of two semesters. Students study for a fall semester, which runs from September until December, and then a spring semester, which runs from January until May. Many colleges also have a summer term, which is a shorter term with more focused studies for a portion of the summer months. Tuition fees vary wildly from one school to the next. Many students use scholarships and grants to lower this cost.

Earning an MBA from a university in the United States of America will open the door to a career in business in the U.S. and many countries throughout the world. Most universities gladly accept international students who have an undergraduate business degree that is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. Most programs have stringent acceptance requirements, but those who can be accepted will receive a quality education from a university that is recognized for its excellence in education.

Artist Diploma in Music

For music to thrive, the world needs change-makers who will question and dream about what comes next. While the desire to keep the canon of masterworks alive is laudable, it is no longer enough. Longy, in turn, places its primary focus on preparing students for a meaningful life in music. 

Wanted: Musicians who possess a keen desire to disrupt the status quo; who wish to contribute to society and be part of music’s evolution; who will join other artists in forging that future. 

Artist Diploma program offers the opportunity for emerging musicians to craft, design, and curate artistic projects over a two-year residency period. The program is designed for exceptionally gifted musicians who demonstrate great potential to impact and change the world by challenging norms and breaking the mold.

Studio Diploma Programme

The Studio Diploma program offers you the rare opportunity to pursue your vision by immersing yourself in your studio practice. You’ll take 33 percent more studio courses than in the BFA program, giving you time to focus your voice and enrich your practice. With access to 14 studio areas and a community of teachers who are all skilled professional artists, you will develop and grow in a supportive, interdisciplinary environment, and leave with the highly flexible Studio Diploma certificate.

One of the nation’s most established programs of its kind, the Studio Diploma program is rooted in an intensive all-elective curriculum, an ideal choice if you are motivated to shape and develop your own studio practice. SMFA’s interdisciplinary approach allows you to develop your practice in one discipline or in several, and to refocus your path as your ideas change.

Many Studio Diploma program graduates own their personal professional practice, while others pursue graduate studies. The Studio Diploma program reflects a longstanding commitment to the tradition of studio practice as the core of an artist’s experience, as well as our updated emphasis on a wide range of 21st-century skills, cultural diversity, and an interdisciplinary approach.

Studio Diploma Programme

Diploma in Marriage and Family Therapy

The Professional Diploma in Marriage and Family Therapy program is a 66 credit professional training program that is structured to satisfy the educational requirements for licensure as a marriage and family therapist in New Jersey. Students may enter the program with either a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree. All students who enter without an appropriate Master’s degree will earn the MA in Psychology: Psychological Services specialization after successful completion of the first 33 credit hours of the program (which includes a research thesis). The program includes a two-term internship that generally follows the marriage and family course work, but is largely free of other educational and professional demands. Students in the MFT program are required to complete a minimum of 500 client contact hours and 100 hours of face-to-face supervision during the course of their internship and practicum experience. Students will advance to the professional sequence of the Professional Diploma in Marriage and Family Therapy program only after the successful completion of a progress review.

Massage Therapist Diploma

The Massage Therapist program is designed to provide the student the knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to begin a successful career as a therapeutic massage therapist within the healthcare community. Traditional and non-traditional medical skills in terms of message and therapy are practised in this course.

A well-rounded curriculum that blends knowledge of therapeutic massage with the knowledge of the functions and structure of the human anatomy. The program focuses on the practical experience offered in a fully equipped clinical setting and introduces a variety of specialized modalities, including Swedish massage, sports massage, shiatsu, neuromuscular techniques, and massage for special needs populations. The program also includes the business skills necessary for the student to enter the field as an independent practitioner. The program is designed for the student with little or no prior experience.

Massage Therapist Diploma

Marketing and Sales Diploma

The Marketing and Sales Diploma helps students explore several important areas of an organization, including marketing, promotion, and sales. To successfully communicate an idea, to serve the needs of your customers more effectively, and to be competitive in the marketplace, learning effective selling skills is essential for everyone. From the CEO to the Administrative Assistant, everyone in every company is selling every hour of every day whether they are aware of this fact or not! Strengths: Marketing is an attitude, philosophy, and perspective that stresses customer relationships to provide satisfaction. Marketing plays an important role in society, is important to business, and offers outstanding career opportunities.

Teacher Education Program

The elementary education major and Teacher Education Program are unique for their partnership with the neighborhood schools and the Yale University Child Study Center in New Haven, CT. Education majors connect theory with practice by completing clinical experiences as an integrated part of their professional course work.

For example, reading, mathematics and science methods courses schedule blocks of time when the class and the professor work as a team with teachers at local elementary schools to deliver individualized instruction to children. The result is increased academic performance by the children, and better qualified education students who graduate with practical experience and the ability to connect theory to practice.

The elementary education curriculum consists of the Drury CORE Curriculum, education courses and a combination of additional subject area courses that fulfill the 21-hour concentration area required for state certification.

Multimedia Production and Journalism Major

Today’s media creators are expected to do it all: photography, writing, videography, graphic design, web development. Drury Students do it all. With this training, our graduates pursue careers in filmmaking, news, and sports reporting, video production, web development, public relations, and social media management.

Majors choose from one of two emphases:

  • Production Emphasis
  • Journalism Emphasis

The multimedia production and journalism major is designed to expose undergraduates to an array of media and message shaping for those media, through a mix of theory and practice. As a part of a liberal arts university, ours is a program with a distinct focus on critical analysis, ethical standards, reporting and writing for print, broadcast and online media platforms. Students will also learn radio and TV production and programming as well as Internet communication.

Graphic Design and Arts Major

Prior to selecting an art major, students should consult with their advisor and the chair of the department of art and art history. All students who decide to major in art or art history should officially elect a faculty member from the department as their formal advisor and consult with that faculty member prior to course registration each semester.This master’s is appropriate for students who are primarily looking for a post-BA career in commercial photography, design arts, or graphic design. It is also appropriate for students planning to pursue graduate studies in these areas to consider a second major in art history or fine arts. This major is required for students who intend to pursue a special program in visual communication.

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